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  1. So I've tried to find this information online and by searching these forums but have come to a dead end. I just finished putting together my ebb and flow system but I'm not sure what to set my timers to. I've read 15 minutes off 15 minutes on, but I've also read the same about 30 minutes and a few mentions of 15 minutes every hour.

    Can anyone point me towards some information regarding ebb and flow timers? Much appreciated.
  2. I would start with flooding 4x during your day cycle for 15min each time. Then as your roots develope and become bigger start flooding 4x during day cycle for 30min durations.

  3. I think I read on another thread that you have an ebb and flow system, right? So even at full growth you were only watering 4 times a day? The rest of the day they just sit in the empty air?
  4. I do have the ebb & flow 12 site system with 5 gal buckets and and inner buckets but i have not started using them yet. When they are drained the roots will be sitting in the inner buckets witch will be filled with hydroton pellets. I have done a bit of researh and the best answer that i came up with for flooding and draing is what i stated up above. If you whould like to continue searching for this answer you can keep in touch im always down to hear more opinions. THANKS
  5. I use Ebb and Flow, and I start off 2x per day for 30 mins. My plants seem to love it too, once they flower just watch the leaves when they droop alot add another 15 mins or 30 cycle in there. Good luck.
  6. I just wanted to let everyone know that I'm going four times a day for 15 minutes and it seems to be working out pretty well. Thanks again for all of the advice.
  7. Thanks for the update. I should start my grow within two weeks or so, i keep getting pushed back. What did u start your seeds in? or clones?
  8. It depends on what medium you are using, I use ebb&flow in conjunction with 3 gallon pots with coco fiber, I water 1x a day for 15 minutes
  9. That's a good point. It really does matter what your medium is. I'm just using starter plugs (not rock wool) and clay pellets, so there's not a whole lot there to retain the moisture.
  10. I will be using 1.5x1.5x1.5 (rockwool) starter cubes for seeds and clones. From there they will transplanted directly in to ebb and flo bucket (3.5 gal) full of hydroton pebbles. Does anyone know the best feedind schedule for this method? Thanks
  11. Are you completely sold on the hydroton? I've found that it is a huge pain in the ass, plus you end up with pellets everywhere. But if you are totally sold on it I have heard that 4x daily for 15 minutes is good... like you said not too much to hold moisture their so kind of hard to OVER water, I have found that a soil or coco medium is good to use. They provide somewhat of a buffer incase your ph or nutrients mix is a little off.
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    I use a ebb/flow flood/drain tray w/ just rock wool cubes. Establishing drought conditions, and causing the plants to absorb more w/ each flood. The way I'm flooding on the intervals is in veg 3mins every other hour, under fluros even longer between flood. In flwr I'll flood for 3min hourly while lights on and only a few floods in the dark.

    don't know what type E&F system/method you built, but this works for the no-hassle rock wool flood tray.

    Here's to your grow growing good.

    BTW what timers are you guys using?

  13. Hey onethousandk.. Hows the grow going? Are you still feedind 4 times a day with 15min intervals?
  14. Yup, still running the same timer. However, I think I was having some PH issues and there was also some (I think) bacterial build up in my tank so I drained, flushed, and refilled my reservoir. Plants turned a bit yellow at the tips, but hopefully the flush will clear that up.
  15. What was the ph at? Did you get a reading?
    What do you think was in the res could it have been algae?
  16. What was the ph at? Did you get a reading?
    Could that have been algae growth in your res, is there light /heat getting to your res?
  17. hey guys...
    i also run a ebb and flow.. your plants should never be flooded for longer then 15 minutes. that time includes the time it takes to drain. you will know when your schedulle is right your plants will reach for the light all the time. are your leaves up or down?

    see overwatering makes the leaves droop, underwatering also makes them droop so your plants will tell you when all is well..
    when i first put mine over in the table i flood 8 minutes every 4 hours and as the plants mature and buds form i add minutes to the flood.. never exceeding 13 minutes, takes my system about a minute and a half to drain. about two weeks into flower i adjust the floods to every three hours and go back down to 8 minutes.. over the next 2 weeks i get them back to 12 minute floods this hepls support the buds,
    circulation, medium and light intensity all play a part so you have to listen to the plants....
    gluck man, hope this helps.
  18. Unfortunately I don't know what my ph was specifically because I don't have way to measure it. I was just basing that on pictures of people with ph issues. There's no light getting in my tank, but there is a bit of heat since the room is running close to 90 degrees during the day.

    Bud - My timer only has 15 minute options, so that's the minimum I can do. My leaves seem healthy though.
  19. Hey bud; you need to, whenever doing hydro, test your pH frequently (1x per week or so). Get a test kit for your reservoir, won't cost more than $6 for a high schoolish test kit. Make sure your pH comes out to about 6.

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