Ebb & Flow 1st time grow

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  1. Hello all!
    First time posting on GC, been surfing and doing research for a few months. As I enter the rabbit hole of growing I figured i would give some basic information of my setup and start a journal once everything has been constructed. Thoughts and feedback are appreciated.

    2- 4x4 tents, one for veg/clones, one for flower

    -Veg room - self rigged CFL board, 9 spots for bulbs. ill be staring from seed (Blackwidow x girlscout cookie) in 1inch rockwool (oxyclone 20 site cloning system). From there i have a 3x3 flood and drain tub that i will use for the veg.

    -Flower room- Active aqua 3 5-gallon buckets EBB & FLOW system. Hydroton pebbles. 55 gallon RES, which will be in a separate closet set outside of the tents. I have 2 600 watt HPS bulbs but i'm thinking of only using one for the flower tent? not sure if 1200 watts will be too much for 3 plants.
    RO system is on the way for my res tank, Venting will be done inside my main room ( don't feel like venting outside). only concern is the heat build up in my room. might just have to keep the door open and find a way to keep my cats out of there. They like to eat everything so thats another battle ill have to take on.

    I will be using the lucas formula for nutrients. figured i would try to keep it simple and cost effective for my first time.

    I feel like i have purchased the right tools, now i just have to get it up and running! stay tuned for the journal.

    Thanks everyone!
  2. That sounds great. I don’t know much about E and F so I’ll be interested in how it goes.
  3. 1200 for 3 will be fine.. Ill tag along as well

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