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  1. I was planing on using the hydroton and have a few questions Let me try to explain them.

    1. Should i use 5 gal buckets with the 3.2 gal buckets that fit rite inside them as an inner bucket drill holes in the bottom of the inner bucket so that the entire root system is in the pellets at all times since its flood and drain?


    2.Should i just use the net pots that are made to fit the five gal bucket but still with the hydroton pellets and the roots hanging out the bottom like a bubble bucket? I was thinking this way during the drain period the roots might bdry to much what do you think?

  2. Do some research on hydroponic systems and how they work, and you will answer your questions much faster.

    If you are talking about putting a 3 gal bucket in a 5 gal bucket and making an ebb/flow system out of it....than you would be better off making two bubble buckets out of em instead.
  3. Thanms for the reply.
  4. Can anyone else answer my questions?
  5. why not just use bubblebuckets? Sounds like you're trying to make it harder than it is.
  6. build the bubble buckets and thank us later. :D
  7. I already have the C.A.P. ebb & flow system 12 site with the 2 gal buckets, just wanted to go bigger in bucket size and was wondering witch way would be better? l appreciate the advice. Is there anyone that can answer my questions above? p.s. i like the idea of just maintaining ph and ppm of one rez rather than individual ones, but i do agree the bubble buckets are killer!!!
  8. I'm gonna tell ya the same thing I already did. If you want to know "how" to go bigger on your system the most efficent way, then look it up. Then either get another system or make bubble buckets. If you already have a ebb/flow system.....then you should be able to look at it yourself and see how to make it more efficent. Mabye put a picture up to clarify your question.
  9. I guess i cant get a staight answer. O well i tried. Thanks anyway guys for the help.

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