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  1. A few things, how do you correctly flush a ebb and gro system? And the other day I greyed running my system for the first time and the controller bucket overflowed despite being just an 1/8 of an inch higher then the rest of the buckets. any trouble shooterd out there who could help?
  2. I tried pouring ph'd water directly in to the pots about 1 gallon will fill it completely untill massive roots take hold. Sounds like you float is sticking common problem or mabey your not plumed right My advice take it back if you can trays are way easier
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    Hello Richayy,

    To correctly flush an ebb & flow

    Post-Harvest Maint:
    1. Flush system with water and rubbing alcohol to remove salt and slime that builds up on system surfaces.
    2. Completely disassemble the system.
    3. Spray all parts with a hydrogen peroxide solution. Say 20% hydrogen peroxide.
    4. Let sit for a day.
    5. Assemble system and run with hydrogen peroxide and hot water for a couple hours.
    6. Dump hydrogen peroxide and flush thoroughly with fresh water.
    7. Allow the system to sit another day or two.

    This should completely clean/flush your system and keep everything worry free.

    Happy Growing,
    The Knave

    P.S. I see a lot of people suggesting bleach as the cleaning solution. I would not recommend this as bleach can leave a toxic residue!
  4. Not sure if the OP is flushing medium or cleaning system out for next use..And agree with
    GBF, possible sticky float switch..
    I've since moved on from Ebb&Gro to top fed coco pots in trays..Less shit can go wrong IMO..
    To each their own..
  5. ...he has a, "Ebb and Gro" system....not the same as ebb and flow (flood and drain)

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