ebb and flow??????

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  1. Ok so i just got the papers from my client and now i am a legal provider. I have decided to grow in my pad and i am going to use the ebb and flow hydroponic system only thing is they cost alot and id be willing to bet i can build one for less than half of what they cost pre-built. Does anyone know a site with directions that would help alot.
  2. Yeah, I found some really good information using Google.
  3. I have a setup that will run about $100.

    2'x3' universal mixing bin - Lowes $12
    258gph submersible pump - harbor freight $26
    drain fittings & black vinyl hose (3/4") -hydro shop $10
    15 6"x7" square pots and hydroton - hydro shop $30
    20 gallon res. $10

    make sure you get a res that is really flat on the bottom.
  4. why does it have to be flat?

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