Ebb and Flow

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  1. I wrote this for my ex-girlfriend. I was planning on sending it to her in the mail but I haven't. I feel it may be too deep for her and it would be wasted. I also feel it is being wasted on a minimized program on my idle macbook screen. The ebb and flow of reality is everlasting like that of the Earth's waves.

    Help Dani,

    I'm stuck at sea in a storm. Different waves endlessly soar above me
    and smother me just as quickly.
    On one side is a warm wave. It always comes from the east.
    When it rises and gathers speed, the sun is always shining somewhere behind it.
    Pushing it forward with its rays and magnetism.
    This one is refreshing. I wish the entire ocean could be like her perfect wave:
    That which is just powerful enough to calm you at the height of excitement.
    Then nobody would die.
    Because death only comes from the body's fear of functioning.
    In dangerous situations.
    The west wave is the one you'll least expect.
    Fueled by darkness.
    Hate for its counterpart.
    It is reality.
    And though it may not always be civil, it is in charge.
    The world turns according to reality.
    Because when the eastern wave subsides, the western wave will always be there.
    To undo anything.
    And everything.
    That ever was.

  2. pretty cool mayn, looks like you're touching on yin yang :)

    When the western wave subsides what is left? the eastern wave?
  3. Hate is the absence of love. Darkness is the absence of light. Take it upon yourself to fill the void.
  4. you hit a nail on the head
  5. Go/stop....you cant do either all the time
    Do/not do......you cant do everything
    Hot/cold.......warm is where it at
    Good/bad......no one is inherently all of either
    There are a million examples

    Right in the Middle is the Way
    Life is full of duality and makes the push/pull for Life to be lived...

    Ride that wave :smoke:

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