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  1. Can anyone help me with suggestions, setups, etc? I'm tired of the poor yields I've been getting in soil indoor. I have 3kw of hps lighting and 1kw led. I've been growing going on 4 years indoor so I know quite a bit about setups, ventilation, etc. Was thinking about starting out in my 5x5 tent until I get the hang of it. thinking of going with either a 4x4 flood tray or a 3gal bucket system with hydroton or hydroton coco mix. I open to any and all suggestions. My goal is to hit a lb plus per light. Thanks again
  2. I grow in a 5' x 5' tent under 1000w hid with flood and drain, 6 - 5gal buckets and hydroton. Dont think I ever got less than 10oz per plant(usually 12-14 depending on strain).
  3. This is the setup i built for myself.


    Its cheap, you can get everything at Homo-Depo except the flood/drain fittings, you can get them at any hydroponic store or online, eBay etc.
  4. Build your own Ebb and Flow / Flood and Drain: http://youtu.be/tAzxwpgnVhc
  5. I'm curious do you have any pictures of your plants? Those are huge numbers. How long is your veg? That would make my decision relatively easy
  6. I have a question, how come some people just set net pots filled with hydroton in the flood table and other people fill the entire table with hydroton? What are the pros and cons of each?
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    Well i did that on my last grow, and couldn't move the damn thing when i needed to get behind it or in the res, altho if its up on a table the res wouldn't be an issue, but u cant move your plants or clean the flood table, if you dont have a cover made up for the table using hydroton covers the roots from light, it also will dry out faster since there is no moisture retention from a lid

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