Ebb and Flow - Hydroton by itself?

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  1. This is my first hydro setup, it's ebb and flow. I have a 2'X4' tray that Ifilled with hydroton. It seems like it wants to float when I flood the tray, so I am thinking if I just put plants straight into it, the roots won't be able to take hold. This tray will be used for flowering, the tray that will be in veg. will be a drip system with rockwool cubes.

    When I mve them to veg, should I just keep them in the RW cubes, and those will be heavy enough to not float up with the hydroton? Or would it work just as well to not even use the RW, just get like 4 or 6" square pots and fill them with hydroton, and put them in the ebb and flow like that? What will work the best and get me the best yield?
  2. If anyone can direct me to some pics of a nice ebb and flow setup, just so I can see how people are running theirs, that would also be very helpful. Thanks.
  3. hello. hydroton floats. dont flood too high and u wont have a
    problem. set your overflow to about half the amount of table.

    or do what I do... put the hydroton and plants in square pots. this allows you to move plants around..
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    it is set to half or less than the table heighth and it is still causing the hyd. to float.
    I like the idea of putting hyd. and plants into pots anyways..do you start them off in vegatative in rock wool or are you just using square pots and hydroton the whole way through?
  5. I've used rapid rioters and peat pellets... also used coco. its fine.
  6. are you filling the rest of your tray with hydroton or anything? or just throw the rapid rooters or whatever into a pot with the hydroton and sit it in the empty table? what size pots you using?
  7. I clone or seed in rapid roots then veg in a small dwc net pots and hydroton with the rapid root in the net pot.,

    then I transplant that into 6" square pots..

    I've also used hydroton and coco half and half . u just need to adjust ur cycle if its holding toomuch water
  8. Sounds great!Maybe u can try,good luck with u!
  9. I use hydroton by itself in my ebb + flow.

    Some hydroton floats, some sinks. I only keep the sinking pellets. When I wash a new bag of hydroton, one step i have is floating it in a bucket, and then just scoop off the floating pellets.

    Seems to work in my tray, because the water line comes over the top of the hydroton, and i get an occasional floater, but never the whole thing floating.
  10. Or just use those rock pellets they sell at hydro shops. People use em in place of hydroton and perfer them because none float and there not shaped like a ball so if you drop a few there not rollig away from ya!

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