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Ebb and flow fittings

Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by generalchaos, Nov 9, 2009.

  1. Could anyone tell me which size, if any, ebb and flow fitting needs to be installed into a 1 1/2" hole? no websites can tell me that. I need to know asap because my 1 1/2" pvc return piping is leaking and im tired of it so im just gonna switch to ebb and flow fittings with tubing

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    simple drain fitting avalible at any hydro store. put it in ur tray, hook a tube to it, no pvc no glue

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  3. that looks like an ebb and flow fitting, but I need to know if any of them will install into a 1 1/2" hole, as my buckets/reservoir already have 1 1/2" holes in them from the pvc, so I wouldnt have to buy new buckets.
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    yeah i belive thats a 1 1/2" fitting they have (they have all sizes), i replaced the drain system on a bubble bucket, i didnt like the drain it came with, so i drilled a hole and put that fitting in it

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