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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Snootch, Mar 11, 2003.

  1. If only....

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  2. stop, your making me cry
  3. damn..... cant even imagine how much weed that is....
  4. that would be amazing man
  5. daaaaaammmmmnnnnnnnn id be hiiiiigh as a mother fucker

    if I had all that.. 10 million dollas though

    damn..:smoke: :smoking: :D
  6. wheres trumph when u need him?
  7. LOL

    bill gates is the only one who can afford that

    n we know he be gettin hiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh!
  8. Holy crap! That's crazy! I wish I was one of the ppl in that pic
  9. I think I'd lock my self in a sports hall or some thing and just burn the lot! or burn it in the air vents at parliment and hot box the government!
  10. stoners hell,
    locked forever in a room with all that an no means of fire/heating/vaporising/ no smoking atall, windows, no heat. i mean it nuthin.

    is that a milk comercial im thinking of or a joke?
    oooh who shouldnt smoke during the day :D
  11. Yeah I thought it seemed a lil over priced jus a lil..
  12. i would take one of those bricks and just roll it as the biggest fucking joint and smoke that shit.

    it take 2 people to

    man im fuck'd

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