Ebay vapes?

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Ecliptica, Feb 23, 2009.

  1. you wont really find a great vape for under 100

    i'd say get a volcano but those run upwards of 500
  2. The problem with cheaper vaporizers is that they're made in China using lesser quality materials. I'd suggest getting a Vaporbrothers or Da Buddha. A little bit more expensive than $100 but well worth it.
  3. dude idk, my friend bought a 60 dollar 2 hose vape off ebay that he loves and brags about all the time
  4. Well im gonna guess it would be cheaper than a lame lightbulb vape
  5. I guess this is worthy of a first post... Dude, I just got that exact same unit, albeit from a different vendor, who incidentally recently jacked the price up another $30. Mine just got here yesterday. I love it. Taking some getting used to, but it's the absolute best way I've found to efficiently extract and deliver THC. Man, it's a different buzz. Longer to come on, longer to stay, whole-body-type. More narcotic. Now I've got all this golden and golden-brown vaped weed to use for cannabutter. Get it, bro. If you like it a lot, you'll do what you always do when you get into something, eventually upgrade anyway. :D

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