Ebay Vapes - pros & cons?

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  1. I am pretty sure I'm shelling out $30 to buy a vape on ebay, digital box with a whip. Free shipping! So, I've read elsewhere, vapes can die off pretty quickly.

    What are the cons of buying a cheap vape? How long would it last? How do I properly take care of it to extend it's life?

    For a broke girl like me working part time, I can't afford anything like a volcano and eat and pay rent and have running water and electricty. It just won't work.
  2. Get a mflb 80$ maybe 75 and free shipping and has a lifetime warranty
  3. Where can I get it for $80? The site has it listed for $119. Although more expensive than I want, definitely interested. I might have to shed out a bit more money this month, edit: found a video of it in action!
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    I got an SSV(silver surfer) for 120$ on craigslist from a local guy. the thing is awesome, I highly recommend doing something like that. just bring some herb to make sure the thing works :D
  5. Ebay Vapes
    Pro - Its CHEAP
    Con - it WILL break within 3 months and the heating element will be made with inferior and potentially unsafe materials.

    You can get a vapor genie that works with a lighter for $30-$60 depending on model
    You can get MFLB on amazon for like $70
    Arizer solo on amazon is around $150

    Do yourself a favor and save up for something decent. A lot of people buy crappy ebay vapes that don't work and then think vaping sucks when really it was the vape they bought that sucks.
  6. Your best bet would be to just purchase an MFLB.

  7. Dont do this. Its fine to buy one off of craigslist, but DO NOT bring weed with you to try it out. You never know about craigslist and the types of people on it. For all you know the person could be a cop and thats the last thing anyone needs.

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