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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by tiller, Jun 6, 2004.

  1. I just bought a nice light from a large vendor on ebay- a canadian company that ships from NY state. I broke what some would say a cardianl rule- shipped to home where I would grow down the road. How paranoid should I be and how long should I wait before starting the grow?
    Thanks all,
    Paranoid TIller
  2. i wouldnt worry about it overly, thousands of lights are purchased and shipped daily, i would really hope Ass-Crouch and them would be using the funds for homeland security for the homeland, and not to track whos buying lights :)
  3. Tiller, I was thinking the same about e-bay,
    what company did you buy from?

    I was last one bidding for a 400w hps with ballast for 75$ and the owner pulled out...bugger!! I guess he didnt want to loose that much money.
  4. I bought from 'cooltouchlighting." Looks like a nice setup, batwing reflector, 400W HPS/MH conversion system. Good feedback on ebay. Still curious about whether my paranoia is justifed....
  5. hey guys... i understand your paranoia, but it is totally LEGAL and there is no legit proof of wrong doing, when purchasing lights, hydrophonic equipment, etc. If an authority would present this to a judge, he would laugh in their face. Also, you cannot setup a sting operation for growing equipment, then later down the road bust you... that would be entrapment and you can sue for millions...

    They can't just automatically assume your growing equipment is intended for the production of mj. Lights and hydro equipment is used for multi purposes, not just MJ =) and is a huge industry, which im sure you already know, but bottom line is that you shoudln't be paranoid about this sort of thing, it's just a light... you can be using this for anyhting...

    Just to gather assurance, you might want to check the seller's feedback and see what others have reported.... also try and buy one of a "big seller" or as they call it on eBay, "power-seller."
  6. If anyone potentially asks your buying it to grow hothouse tomato's. :)

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