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Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by dagobaker, Nov 20, 2008.

  1. ok with the upcoming grow season for my spring greenhouse grow coming up i need to up my cloning and was looking at this baby
    anyone ever use this? ( i DONT want a diy thread help) what about these inserts? do i need to buy the same inserts for these or can i use other inserts?.....seem kinda pricey
    seems like the best price around
  2. ok well Im guessing your not wanting to build this right? and by inserts are you talking about the neoprine plugs? Ive never used this particular, but have built a similar unit using the basic design and can say the design works great. I get a nicely developed root system in 7-10days(although I do get roots around 4-7 on average, but like big clusters before planting)
  3. how long do these inserts last?
    i guess i should get some extras for a backup
  4. I normally replace mine after 4clonings...but just cause they get discolored alittle...but could prob wait even longer really.
  5. "...with 100% success"

    Nothing could guarantee this!! It depends on the type of plant, the time of year the cuttings are taken, the skill of the person and luck. I worked at a commercial propagation nursery for four years and even we wouldn't make this claim with our most successful plants. You're always going to have some failures.

    Apart from that, is this a hydroponic system? Does it heat the water up for you??

    What are the inserts you're asking about, I can't find that word on the page..?

    It seems pricey to me. All you need is a tray with a lid and a heat mat to sit it on.
    Make a mix of river sand and peat, put it in the tray and firm your cuttings into it.
  6. well like i said earlier, I have not used this particular unit...but I did build one similar. I have a small aquarium heater in mine to keep water at 73*. I believe the OP is talking about the neoprine plugs it uses in the top to hold the cuttings. And as far as the 100% success rate...if I were a company I wouldnt put that either, but I can say I have used my cloner for last yr and have not had a single cutting not develop a good root system...I never had one die because of no roots. I built my cloner for around $25, so yeah I agree this is a bit spendy considering what you actually get.
  7. well I guess Im more of a diy kind of guy(gives me a reason to go into shop and get away for a few...lol)...and I see about $50 tops there as far as equipment...and prob around 1hr worth of work(being generous). Plus I like being able to say I did that...well when my diy projects work as intended lol.
  8. :wave:Cez, i'm a newbie here but also like to build my own and grow my own:) can you please post a list of parts for that cloner you built? i woke up this morning wanting to do the same thanks.
  9. Those systems are all over the place when it comes to getting the cuttings to root. I've seen people get roots from 10 days up to 14days. There is no set way to get fast roots on the EZ Clone

    The neoprene discs will last you maybe for two times. They stretch out and won't revert back to the original shape.
  10. It'll be more then that as I've built them before in a rubber maid box. With the box, hose, fittings, misters and mag drive 250/250 you're looking at about $100-125 The mag drive pump itself will be about $75.
  11. u can make the unit cheaper than buying one already made but ......ok.......the guy needs to make a profit....and he has it down to a science
    i have no problem paying someone to make the unit......ive churned out over 300 clones in just a few short months so no complaints

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