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Eating While High

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by jakegetsbaked91, May 31, 2013.

  1. Anyone else hating eating right after smoking? Don't get me wrong I get the mumchies like everyone else and every now and then ill smoke just to work up an appetite. But eating kills my buzz, n good bud is way to expensive not to get as much of a high as you can. I always wait at least like 45 minutes after a sesh to break down and stuff my face. Its even worse when ppl smoke and eeat at the same time! I wont smoke w someone if their stuffing their face w doritos say "hey man pass that' ummmmmmmmmm no. My herb and your just eating your buzz away. Idk maybe I'm weird :wacko:

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  2. I'm the same man, I like to wait a bit before eating. Most of the time I'll just have a drink and just kick it and enjoy my high.
  3. i always try to eat before i smoke. so i can toke on a full stomach
  4. Hell yea. I always drink those big arizona teas during sessions

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  5. Really? Huh I always felt my buzz was super dull if I'm toking right after eating. Again I gotta wait at least like a half hour.

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  6. I don't think eating kills my buzz at all...I mean it biologically shouldn't considering THC absorption doesn't go through the stomach like alcohol does (where eating would affect your buzz). But everyone is different!

    My eating patterns are really random anyway so I might have something to immediately munch on after a session or I might just chill for a while. Whatever I'm feelin
  7. I've always felt it lowers my high.  I usually wait until I'm coming down, munch out, and take a nap.
  8. I know what ya mean op.

    Eating kills my high more than anything, and like you said, its too expensive to get killed so quick. Always try to eat before hand.
  9. Yes, eating kills my buzz. First I eat, then I smoke and wait about an hour b4 i start munchin again. But the great thing about munchies is practically anything tastes good!
  10. Eating food while your drunk doesn't sober you up.
    I think it takes all the thc filled blood in your brain and uses a portion to digest the food, it definitely decreased the high when you eat though.
    It depends what time it is, if i'm smoking after a hearty meal its nice, but since i'm a heavy blazer most of my buzz is gone after the first hour so i just eat when i'm at the lazy stage after the high if ya gettt me.
  12. Hell yeah dude I feel you, waiting a bit then eating is way better.
  13. I just smoke a bowl eat a shit ton and when I feel like I'm coming down smoke another bowl? Repeat process.

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  14. If you're drunk then nah it's not noticeably going to sober you up. If you have a couple brews then eat then you'll notice your buzz go away a lot faster. I was just making a point.
  15. Oh yeah dude i understand. respect
  16. i leave a good hour till i eat after smoking (aka 2 family guy episodes)

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