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Eating Weed Straight Up

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Bloke420, Feb 16, 2009.

  1. Has any one ever eatin weed straight up????....
    did you get smack or was it a waste of weed.....

    if you did get smacked was it a good high
  2. THC is activated by heat, eating your weed will not do anything because the THC is not being heated by eating it straight up. You could make edibles, which I have never tried but I heard they are very good, just search up how to make Firecrackers or brownies.
  3. i ate a small nug and it tasted pretty bad (it was some dank OG Kush)
    firecrackers are GOOD
    havent tried brownies but those are supposedly really good
  4. dont waste your weed by eating it unless you plan on cooking it
  5. Exactly. Don't waste it
  6. Sigh, this thread again. I can't tell you how many times I've seen the same exact thread.

    Anyway, YES, you can eat bud and get an effect, the heat in your stomach that is created by your digestive juices IS enough to activate the THC and other Cannabidnols in MJ. However, the amount is not typically enough to really do anything to you, unless you eat a lot. I don't really recommend it to be honest, but it is possible.

    And those who say it isn't have never actually done it. I have, it does work, not very well, but it does.
  7. Yeah it's been said but I'll reiterate- eating weed is a waste and sometimes a pain.

    Back in my early days of smoking, I took a super dank, but dried out nug (1.5g at least), cut a brownie in half (hamburger style), sprinkled it on, and ate it.

    One of the worst stomach aches of my life to follow. No high. Just groaning in bed for 4 hours til I passed out from exhaustion.

    Just smoke it:smoke::cool:

  8. Yeah that would be because, like everyone else has said, you need to actually heat the weed to get high from eating it. Just sprinkling it onto a brownie won't do shit all - it has to be baked into the brownie :p

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