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Eating Weed Raw

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by ThePhantom, May 29, 2009.

  1. My friend and I are having an argument about whether or not you can get high from eating weed raw. That is, just take it out of the bag and eat it straight, no cooking or anything. I was sure you needed to cook it to get high, but then my friend said he has gotten high from eating it plain, and then I looked online and read stories about people doing it. Therefore, I think there is a possibility it works, but my friend doesn't think there is any possibility. Even if it turns out it does work, I would never do this, but I just want to know once and for all.

    I was under the impression that the THC had to activate through heat before it could be utilized by the body. Therefore, I don't think it would work, but the stories conflict my opinion. I want to know!
  2. It doesn't absolutely have to activate by heat. But eating it would be a terrible waste, the amount of THC you absorbed would be nowhere near as potent as just smoking it or cooking it. It wouldn't even be enough to feel high off of more than likely.
  3. If you wanted to eat a pound of weed to get high, it would work.
  4. Does anybody have any sources for this? My friend isn't going to believe this unless there is some cold hard proof!
  5. I prefer to snort mine.

    Naw I'm playing
  6. I like to shoot mine up
  7. fuck that, liquify kief and shoot it into your eye

  8. Yeah, because science is about belief...
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    Sarcasm fail, pure THC is snortable and injectable.
  10. We really need a sticky on this, then again most people don't bother looking at the stickies.

    In 'raw' weed, most of the THC is in the form of THC-A, the acid form that is only mildly psychoactive.

    When cannabis is heated via vaping, smoking, or cooking a carboxyl group is removed from the THC-A molecules, transforming it into the non-acid isomer of THC that we all know and love.

    Some of the THC-A is decarboxylated into THC during the drying and curing process, but most of it is not until it's heated. Eating 'raw' but dried and cured cannabis will get someone high, but they are wasting a large percentage of the THC.

    The optimum temperature for decarboxylation is around 220F more or less.

    THC-A will also decarboxylate over time, but it's a slow process and at the same time the psychoactive THC can also degrade into cannabinol (CBN) so it's a bit of a trade off.
  11. Very interesting OSG, so when people say the THC needs to activate, they really mean the THC-A needs to have a carboxyl group removed to make delta-9-THC. Everything about that post was fantastic. Thanks!
  12. My pleasure.
  13. Now I have something solid to tell my friend. I'm very glad that it was you who had posted this message, as my friend has told me that he respects you (he's Sir Tokes Alot on here), and thus he will be more open to this since it is coming from you. I can't think of anyone else who I would've liked that response from.

    I like the science of cannabis, and thank you very much for sharing this knowledge.
  14. Aside from the fact that it's unconstitutional, the other reason I'm all for cannabis legalisation is so some real open research can be done. I've always been fascinated by the science of it, and I'm tired of having to run my own experiments and tests in order to collect data.

    Let us all hope for a day when real research can be done on the plant.

    Thank you for the kind words, by the way. I certainly don't know everything about the plant but I do my best to only pass on information that I'm certain of.
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    Very nice info OSG.

    Recreational Drugs - Proffessor Buzz(eBook)

    For all interested in more on this topic, and THC and it's various forms, check out page 70. It's a scribd link btw, so it's free and all.

    Maybe I should've elaborated on that snorting/injecting pure THC thing.

    Pure THC is an oil. So in that form it's injectable.

    But when crystallized, it well... forms crystals lol. And can be snorted, IIRC.

    The thing is, 1mg smoked or 5mg eaten Pure THC is even needed. And even then, it's extremely potent. So injecting would be dumb as fuck and a waste in the first place. Most who have even gotten their hands on Pure have just bombed it in a pill, sort of like Marinol.
    OSG can you confirm this?

    Edit 2: I might have this all wrong I gotta do some research again
    I recall JWH-018 and -073 which are synthetic THCs. This could be a good reference point, as both are insufflatable.

    Edit 3: For fellow researchers, something to keep in mind.
  16. trust me i ate a fat 3g. nug...........................goes down hard(she said that). you'll just get one shitty nugget.. thats about it.
  17. I see, I see...
  18. if you want the science, in raw weed, the thc is stored in trichomes, and when you eat it, your digestive system does not get very much thc because its in the trichomes (some of them break open form body heat/stomach acid/whatever) cooking it in butter or something else that thc is soluble in, or smoking, coaxes the thc out of the tricomes and into your brain:smoking:
  19. and by the way, while hash oil is the most potent form of thc available to people who dont own labs with high tech extraction equipment, thc is actually a crystal, its just not possible to refine it that much by common extraction because there are other things that will dissolve in whatever solute your using (e.g. isopropyl alc.)
  20. I have eaten raw hash a few times and it works.. trust me, but i have have also eaten weed but the effects where minimal.

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