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Eating Weed Every Day = Bad?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by GoddessofAwesom, Feb 24, 2009.

  1. Hello everyone! I have been smoking for years and finally decided not to torture my asthmatic lungs anymore. I have been making some pretty potent firecrackers for the past two nights with great results. is the best recipe I have found so far.

    So imagine how delighted I am that I can still relax at the end of the day without damage to my lungs! However, I am wondering if consuming marijuana in this manner on a daily basis will become harmful to my health. It occurred to me last night that my stomach felt tight and painful after around hour three of my munched high, similar to the feeling you get when you trip mushrooms.

    My question is: can eating marijuana every day have a negative effect on my body? I don't see why putting plant materials into my body would be harmful but then again I just started eating it. Thanks in advance for your time and answers.

    Goddess of Awesome
  2. Your stomach is probably hurting like that because it can't digest that plant material. So don't eat the MJ like that. Instead cook out the THC to oil and just use the oil. See if that helps your stomach pain. But doing firecrackers you eat the plant material which your stomach can't digest which is why it probably hurts.
  3. I don't know the answer but will be watching this opne closely.
  4. Make cannabutter..
  5. Make some cannabutter... then Eating Weed Everyday = Good.
  6. I did not mean that I had actual stomach *pain* but I did have that slightly uncomfortable nauseous feeling. I have read several comments that say people are often nauseous when eating marijuana.

    I think what I did "wrong" (hard to call it wrong when it feels so right!) is use too much duff. I made four crackers, one for a friend and three for me. I ate one with schwag remains and another made with duff from my vaporizer. However, the night before I ate one firecracker made with duff and did not get nearly as high.

    So next step is to make two firecrackers using duff on both and consume them at the same time. Hopefully this will provide a happy medium.

    Thanks for your information though. I was just worried that there could be bad effects on my digestive system. Looks like it's happy baking from here on out!

  7. If "duff" is left over vapage, that would explain nausea. you would be eating a lil bit o' tar, I think. comparable to swallowing dip spit?
  8. I gotta ask....why don't you just use your vaporizer?

  9. I was thinking the same thing. Vaporizers are as harmful to your lungs (not at all) as edibles.
  10. Cannabutter+ Vape is the path to healthy lungs
  11. Physiologically, I don't think it is terribly harmful.

    However, the high associated with edibles is 'very' high typically. Getting that high night after night may not be optimal from a mental/psychological standpoint.

    May I suggest a vaporizer. For $150, you will be saving your lungs AND conserving weed. You will be amazed at how little it takes to achieve the desired level of effect. I reccomend the Hands Free Vapor Bros.
  12. I do have a vaporizer and despite all the health benefits I have read about it just wasn't cutting it. I decided enough was enough and that I had to stop smoking altogether or I was going to die. Vaporizers may give health benefits to those that have healthy lungs but I am an asthmatic. I also live in a city which has the WORST air quality in the country. Literally.

    So I gave my vaporizer to friends that smoke a lot of marijuana and in return they are giving me the duff.

    Sadly though it turned out that in the end my doctor was correct. Vaporizing doesn't matter if you have asthma.
  13. yeah i felt the same kind of stomach pain the other night when i ate firecrackers for the first time. i could tell immediately that the "pain" was from my stomach probably not being able to digest the "plant matter" very well. so i shrugged it off.
    i don't think it's dangerous though. just a plant after all. :D
  14. Your stomach is full of hydrochloric acid. A little weed isn't magically immune to it. It shouldn't be any issue to regularly eat it. It's just hairly, dusty lettuce honestly.
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    only con to eating weed is that it takes forever to take effect and lasts forever.

    i ate alittle for the first time ever and right b4 i had to go to work and it didnt take effect after the 2 - 5 minutes im used to from smoking.

    so i ate more......BAD MISTAKE!!!!

    so the next 7 and half hours were spent on the longest, largest high/trip i ever had and it was happening all while workin at a disney food cart. it was a long day, very long.

    i had consumed roughly 1/4oz worth of dank within 15 minutes

  16. Being high for a long time isnt really a con :smoking:
  17. Haha like I have said in other threads though, I would hate to be trippin it hard at Disney. Waaaay too intense. Gah every single inch of that place is so designed and filled with cartooney shit. Blugh.

    Taking a break on my birthday today though and smoking my lungs out. I've got to treat for special occasions, right? :hello:
  18. haha happy birthday
  19. only problem i can see is that all the fats and shit in the peanut butter. thats about the only thing i can really think off.
  20. I have let three firecrackers sit for two days now. Can't wait to eat them tomorrow night when I get off from work. They'll have sat for threeeee daaaaays. Hurrah! :hello:

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