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Eating vs drinking

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by starguy, Dec 17, 2022.

  1. If I have a tincture and I add it to food it will be considered as an edible correct? So how about if I add it to juice.,? What is it considered then? I am thinking it will be more like a sublingual dose or like doing a shot . Any thoughts?

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  2. Generally Alcohol Tincture is absorbed by the body somewhere along the way before it reaches the Liver. Oral, or Stomach absorption will be a Delta-9-THC stone. Fast hitting and low effects and short lived like smoking. This is the way the carrier Alcohol works. Easy and fast access to most cell tissues.

    Cooking Oil based Edibles need time (up to 2 hours) in the stomach with bile from the gall bladder to break down the oil and send it to the Liver where Delta-9-THC gets transformed into 11-Hydroxy-THC. Slow hitting. Heavy duty hammer stone that lasts for hours and hours.
    Oil carriers are not easily absorbed in oral or stomach tissues.

    Even smoking some Delta-9 makes it to the Liver and gets transformed so there isn't a real solid line in the sand where it is one or the other there is always some overlap of Alcohol to the Liver but not the reverse is what I've found.

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  3. Not to state the obvious but a juice/tincture mixture is an edible but won't be absorbed sublingually and when you add tincture to juice watch for the oil to come out of solution and stick to the sides of your glass.
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  4. I was thinking that an alcohol based tincture is a lot like doing a shot of alcohol in that it is very quick to be felt. If I drink a strong alcohol drink I can feel it before I finish it.,I would think that tincture would be the same if I put it in juice . I guess I should just do it and see how long and how much it does.,I asked because I dosed my wife adding tincture to juice and she was out like a light within 20 minutes.,maybe the dose.,maybe just sleep.,I don't know.,

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  5. It is exactly like that. The Cannabinoids are bound to an alcohol molecule and can slip through the tissues lining the mouth and stomach on contact and enter the bloodstream instantly as Delta-9-THC

    An Oil bound Cannabinoid must take the long way around with time in the stomach and small intestine with bile enzymes from the gall bladder to break it down enough to enter the Liver and be converted to 11-Hydroxy-THC.
    Alcohol = Effects in under an hour.
    Oil = Over an hour.

    By definition a Tincture is Alcohol or Vinegar based. We see so much of what should be called an edible oil sold as Tincture that the line has been badly muddled.

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  6. I suppose whether there's significant absorption before the juice hits bottom would be affected by the amount of juice the tincture is mixed with. A shot of juice/tincture would offer more surface area and opportunities for early absorption than a juice glass of the stuff would but even then, what isn't absorbed before the bowel will be soon after it gets there. Which would mean an empty stomach works fastest.
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  7. Ed, When I first started doing tincture it was to help me sleep.,I put a tsp. in a juice glass with juice.,I basically felt nothing because I went to sleep.,.but some nights I ended up doing 2 of these cocktails and I would fall asleep, but when I woke up 3 hours later I was baked.,walking was like I was on a boat on choppy sea's.,
    I was buying the tincture and had no idea of the dose.,
    So now this is how I judge the potency of my tinctures.,if I get the choppy sea's effect I know I did too much and since I now know the potency of the dose I can hopefully keep myself buzzed without going overboard.,
    So I will try dosing with juice and see how much different it is than under the tongue. I think I will try it in just a shot of juice first.,A good project to bring in the new year.,Best2all and thanks for the replies.,
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