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Eating Straight Vaped Weed ?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by TooSlickToSlide, Mar 11, 2012.

  1. I've been doing some research on this topic but haven't found any really good information. So do you guys think i could eat straight vaped weed without cooking it ? since i think the THC has allreayd been heated enough to become active when eaten.

    if u have allready done it .. any tips ?
    how much abv weed i need to get a good high?
  2. Ew lol, gross
  3. I do it... Tastes awful but it works (ha)
  4. there are a few Veterans in the vaporizer thread that do it. idk if i could.. im known for not having that strong of a stomach!! :rolleyes:
  5. I roll it up in joints :smoke:
  6. I eat ashes too just in case...
  7. I heard about people making firecrackers with them but never just straight eating it, I dont think I could do without putting it on some food just to mask the taste and texture.
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  8. You can technically, but I imagine it would taste better even in an unheated firecracker, or maybe mixed in with ice cream.
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  9. Let me just copy and paste what I wrote in the other thread asking the same exact thing.

    Let me inform you guys...

    YES, you can eat Vaped bud and get "high"(barely). But the thing is, it would still work much much better if you cook it into something, and here is why:

    THC by itself (i.e. not bonded to any fats) will not be efficiently absorbed into your bloodstream through the digestive tract. It will move much too quickly for your body to use it all up since it is not in a form that is easily digestible by the body. HOWEVER, if you still bind it to a fat (i.e. butter, peanut butter, oil, etc.) it can be more efficiently absorbed because fat takes much longer than THC to process through the body. If the THC is bonded to the fat, it will take just as long to be absorbed as it would take for the fat to digest.

    Think about it like a candle.

    If you have just the wick, but no wax, the wick WILL provide light and heat when it is ignited, but not for very long and not efficiently at all, HOWEVER, if you have a wick, surrounded by wax then the candle will burn much much MUCH longer.

    Do you get where I'm getting at?

    tl;dr It will get you high, but not long and not that high, unless you cook it into fat.
  10. LOL just wrap it up in something and swallow it without chewing... followed by some milk..
    I say just make a firecracker.
  11. stir it into some oatmeal. its not too bad
  12. Think of it this way... activation, is the first step when making oil. ;)

    Cannabis glandular material is notoriously difficult for the body to absorb, even if it's activated, even after it has been extracted and it's in the form of a sticky tacky concentrate such as BHO.

    Why do you think the professionals bother making hash, whether it's simple dry sift or a concentrate, into edible hash oil, by using fat/oil? :D

    While it's physically possible to eat vaped herb alone, and while it *may* get some users with very low tolerances a buzz, if they eat multiple times the amount needed, and if they rely a bit on the placebo effect, it's NOT an efficient use of your herb. :(

    You are wasting multiple doses, just to achieve a milder, shorter-lived experience, if you just try to eat activated herb! It takes longer to kick in, and you 'pass' a lot more potency without absorption.. in other words it goes in one end, and out the other!

    We use the 'edible solvents' we do, because they are responsible for facilitating absorption. :)
  13. Ok, so I was googling how to properly make use of ABV because I'm concidering to cook some fancy meals with it using it as seasoning (and high ofc) and I ran in to this thread. I made an account specifically to reply to this thread as  I think some of the replies, even though they are scientifically backed, are slightly missleading. Yes, even if the THC has been "activated" it is still more efficient to bind it to fat. And no, it doesn't taste that great. But YES, it does give you a buzz. A real fucking buzz.
    I'm a dealer in Sweden, and a frequent toker as a result. I have my MFLB, my 2-footer, I'm an exceptional roller.. But there is NOTHING that beats the high of a good chunk from the ABV bags. I don't know what you people concider "much" ABV, or how much is concidered to be a "waste" (uncooked ABV/effect cs cooked ABV/effect ratio) but I use around the amount of a regular table-spoon now and then and it get's me so fucking high sometimes I can't controll it. I litteraly shit feels all over. Sometimes it's like taking a toke too much from a good bee-wax torching and you just get too fucked and go to sleep. A little like when you get too drunk and just want to sleep.
    So, to answer the question: YES, using the right amount (which is not a waste to me, a by-product is a by-product and it's up to the user to be as efficient as one wants) will get you high as fuck. 
    Be carefull though, you can get fucked up if u take too much. Try with smaller doses and just add some to it each time until you find your perfect amount. I do this like once or twice per month, mostly for purely medical reasons. If I really need to go to bed early or something, you know.
    Hope this helped, GL.
    Also, it doesn't taste THAT bad. Like toasted garlic without the garlic taste, kind of. Wash it down with some water or soda or smt 
  14. @[member="samsugn"] what do you do with the AVB that gets you so blazed? Firecrackers? sorry if you said it in your post already but I couldn't find and im heavily medicated
  15. I take it you snort your cashed bowls too, right?

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  16. Yo battkitty gangsta gansta hot fudge sex I have a question. 
    I heard a few times in my life time eating some avb/bud material is good for you though, no?
  17. And the same thing same thing applies to vaped hash, right?

  18. OP is 5 years old bro
  19. @Mikael29
    Since we don't have a lot of lab testing for ABV weed let alone it's better counterpart hash-kief it's hard to know just how much decarb has already taken place but we know it's not full yet.
    Standard decarb is 240 F for 40 Minutes
    I'd give your ABV about half that long and see how it feels.

    5 grams decarbed weed-hash-kief-BHO-ABV-Wax-shatter-anything
    2.5 teaspoons Coconut oil (any cooking oil including butter)
    .5 teaspoon lecithin (optional power booster)
    Heat 220 F for 20 minutes
    Heat 220 F for 20


    This will get you the most bang from your product.
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