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eating resin

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Purple Dream, Dec 31, 2012.

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  1. Okay, lets just all shut up and answer OP's question. You guys bitch back and fourth so much that nobody cares to give a real answer and its actually making me post...

    As for the original question. Since THC needs to be heated to work, I believe it already gained the heat necessary through the original combustion, and that some of the THC is carried and stored in the resin, getting stuck there instead of entering your lungs.

    And to prove my point: A good friend of mines parents were in vacation in hawaii, and they had some of the nicest bud they ever smoked. So they made 2 MONSTER joints, and pretty much smoked them throughout a couple of days, putting them out when they were buzzing. So by the last day of their trip all they had was 2 completely resinated roaches, and they forgot about them in a box of cigarettes as they were going to the airport. When they got there the remembered the roaches and were scared a dog might sniff them out or something so they ate them. They told me afterwards that they felt like they just ate 2 firecrackers.
  2. Yeah but roaches have weed in them so idk if that was conpletely the resin working
  3. Idk, you have a good point, but eating a small bit of weed couldnt have had the effect they claim that the roach did. And by a monster joint, it was enough to last them through vacation, so i believe they had 6+ grams a piece in them, and by the end it was only a roach.
  4. resin is lovely, you get a good hit if you heat it up on a spoon then inject it, far better than eating it.
  5. Depends how much resin, if it was like a reg joint youd feel it but not a great high
  6. Ill eat resin, from a joint though, i save my joint ends and smoke then when i have no weed
  7. To answer your question yes in theory it should. The heat from the lighter should activate it. I do not know how digesting it would be.
  8. OP you need to remember a couple things.

    1) Once you start a thread IT'S NOT YOURS ANYMORE. You don't get to dictate who does or doesn't post here. It's a free forum, so long as people follow the rules, they're allowed to post and you don't get a say.

    2) You need to follow the rules yourself. Now I have to go back and review every post in here and hand out warnings/infractions accordingly.
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