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eating resin

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Purple Dream, Dec 31, 2012.

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  1. #21 RandomThoughts, Dec 31, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Dec 31, 2012
    Not trying to.
    I don't have to.
    Don't be offensive.

    I tend to reply a little scornfully to blatantly ill conceived ideas.
    My hope is that if people don't like this, they may think a little bit for themselves rather than letting the short bus flag fly.
    This kind of thing misrepresents those of us that actually know the difference between a good idea, and a bad one.

    No apologies.
    Nobody was attacked, unless you count his tantrum towards me.

    And this attitude is why you're not here anymore. Nobody was attacked, no rules were broken? Really? Have you read the rules? I guess not since you racked up 60 infraction points in like a month - WW
  2. n order for the THC to fully work it's way into your system, it has to be heated. You may get a little bit of a buzz from them, which will be largely psychosomatic, but you need to either smoke it or bond the THC molecules with fat and then injest it.
  3. Why does every resin thread turn out like this.
  4. #24 Purple Dream, Dec 31, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Dec 31, 2012
    no, you're being a fucking cunt. it's nothing else. just you having bad energy and being a poor person.

    That makes 3 infractions on this thread alone. - WW

  5. Good idea, bad idea, doesn't matter. If you think it's stupid just don't bother commenting. The OP even expected your response so you just wasted your time. Let that short bus fly by.
  6. #26 RandomThoughts, Dec 31, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Dec 31, 2012
    Thank you for your concern and your input, though I will continue operating as I see fit.

    Calm down there, zipper.
  7. Don't insult him. You're making it worse. And probably putting yourself in the banhammer spotlight.

  8. This . Watch out bro.
  9. #29 Purple Dream, Dec 31, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Dec 31, 2012
    okay. well i apologize to the moderator who sees this, i'll watch my vulgar language from now on. and ignore those who can't respond properly.

    Apologies don't cut it, the damage is done. =WW

  10. This is a very sensible suggestion.
    Of course, I'd hate OP to get banned over a difference of opinions.
  11. a difference of opinion. i'm fine with that. i just found you to be really rude with your response.

  12. I like to be the voice of reason ;)

  13. Not as rude as I likely found your have to watch that.
    I'll admit I'm not the most outwardly "nice" person, but you see, I mean well for everyone. Everyone in the world.
    I care, so much.
    Can't you see that?
  14. whatever man.
    i give no respect to those who want to treat me like trash, or make me feel stupid.

  15. You're still going to get a warning or infraction, prob. not a ban unless you already racked up some infractions.

    This is an adult forum, our biggest rule is basically respecting each other, regardless of differing opinions. It's what makes GC so amazing. Most forums you see, well, posts just like yours, in every fuckin thread. Just bashing everywhere, racism, vulgarity.

    It's also a good lesson in life, to keep one's cool even when faced with opposition, or even hate. So, long story short, use this as a life lesson even.

    But to answer your original post, don't eat resin. Eating resin raw is even less effective than eating buds raw. and even when processed in oil properly, it's effects are negligible, and only make it taste like ass.

    Better off just smoking it. Hempwick though, don't use a butane lighter for resin.
  16. nah, no infractions yet. i'll take a warning or infraction over a ban any day. haha.
    i like the forum really.
    and you answered my question perfectly thanks.
  17. Why the fuck does everything on this website need to escalate to fighting? We Don't have a dick comment in the first place and we don't need a dick reply. Not pointing fingers at who started it but seriously why does there always need to be so much hate
  18. yeah i wonder this same shit every day bro...for a site full of stoners you'd think we'd be a little bit more chill and not fight haha

    edit: so everyone go and smoke another bowl now and calm the fuck down
  19. You really wanna eat this bro?

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  20. He asked if it could be eaten. Don't presume things. Or at least have the sense to look three pages back and realise that it was a comment much like this that resulted in three pages of argument.
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