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Eating Raw Bud

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by Reaction, Dec 29, 2008.

  1. It's possible we all know, but it's a waste. Using something with fat in it and heating the weed will get you MORE fucked up with way less amount of weed. It's fact. There's science behind it.
  2. Firecrackers are the way to go if you want to eat bud. Personally, i'd just smoke it.
  3. So much misinformation. The cell walls of bud (and most plants) are not very digestible. They are raw fiber. Thus, most THC will stay inside the cell, not get absorbed into your system, and just pass through your system (you all know what fiber's good for). By absorbing it into a fatty substance, since THC is fat-soluble, the THC can be easily digested by the body and enters into your bloodstream. If you eat enough weed, the few parts that do get digested will get you high. But much less than the same amount of weed that was put in cannabutter.
  4. You would feel it if you ate that much raw. THC metabolizes much more efficiently when you smoke it. But if you don't smoke it and just eat it raw, you will only be metabolizing a very small percentage of the thc.
  5. Thc needs heat, fat, or alcohol to disolve. so nomater how much you ate raw you would never got high, it would be a complete waste of weed, try melting 5 sticks of butter into a pan, then ad half a O of mids. stir, let cool and then keep in fridge, spread on what ever, and use for cooking, but my favorite method is firecrackers.
  6. The butter should be very gently simmered for hours in order to get proper extraction and decarboxylation.
  7. You confuse the fact that it is soluable in fat and alchol with it has to be dissolved in one of .how mauch fat did ya smoke with it so it would pass through the aveoli in yours lungs?
    It dose not have to be dissolved in either for it to pass through a living cell they do have lipids inside them and it is called the fat transport systm.You stiomach is designed for this process as a matter of fact and if you EAT on a regular basis you also have some kind of fat in your stomach most of the time also --- NOW TELL ME AGAING THAT YOU CANT EAT IT -----HMMMM PUT IT IN BUTTER AND EAT IT WOW ......WHY? DID YOU SNORT SOME OF THAT BUTTER FIRST ? IF I am not mistaken your lungs do not use "FAT" or alchol to adsorbe gases or chemicals you inhale and they seem to get it into the blood also .

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    1. Typing in all caps does not make your point come across easier, it just makes you look like an idiot.

    2. Proper grammar likewise

    3.You havent taken in or listened to anything people have been saying. They never said it has to be in butter or alchohol to smoke it. There are 3 things that make the THC be able to get into your blood. Heat is one, that is what you use when you smoke, no one said anything about butter when you smoke. Secondly is fat, thc is very fat soluble, and attaches or something (I don't know any of the scientific terms or w/e) to the fat molecules which are digested faster when they are in your stomach, causing you to get higher. 3rd is alchohol, not sure about that, but i just know that the thc can be absorbed into alchohol.

    Lastly, try to listen to others information that has been posted, before you post a wall of incorrect text, half of it in caps. You can eat weed, it is just very ineffective, as mary jew wanna said, the amount of bud alone you would have to eat to absorb the thc and get thoughrouly high, is astronomical compared to the amount that you would have to smoke, or make into canabutter for firecrackers/brownies. You go eat 2 grams of weed, and I'll smoke 2 grams, see how high you get.
  9. [​IMG]
  10. Nobody said you couldn't eat it at all, Einstein; just that it's horribly inefficient without being properly heated and without a good transport mechanism.

    :rolleyes: The continuing breakdown of our educational system.
  11. waste of weed and waste of time, use it efficiently :smoking:

  12. haha idk y but that made me think of this thing i heard a while ago that went somthing like this "Did you know America ranks the lowest in education but the highest in drug use? It's nice to be number one, but we can fix that. All we need to do is start the war on education. If it's anywhere near as successful as our war on drugs, in no time we'll all be hooked on phonics."

    lol but back to the subject matter, like many have said before eating weed raw is very ineffective and if you do it you will be wondering why your sitting there with no weed, no money, and your not very high :rolleyes:
  13. ok so everyone here wants to be insulting and rude insted of just reading the post .

    1. yes I did read and listen I did not say that anyone said you have to mix it with butter to smoke it.I said it is adsorbed through the lungs with the natural carriers in the weed.Therefore it can be adsorbed as is by the stomach. it dose take longer and you get high slower but it does get you high.

    2. I did not say it was not more efficient to add it to something in cooking it,or when eating it .I simply said yes you can eat it without doing that and that it would get you high.and Who cares how much it takes if you like to eat it instead of smoking it.Some people have lung problems.I myself just liked it in salads and such and liked the high.

    3. I did not relize that the grammer cops ran this forum and were such assholes that they would attack a response in such a asinine and insulting way. I was not rude to you and no level of grammer makes up for being a basic ass.

    4. Just baised on reading that one post some decided I was a uneducated hick.well Educated or not Caps and grammer or not your rude assuming asses. Biology, chemistry, and botany I aced in college.... did you? and I did not go as a english major or to get a job writing
  14. What if you took two shots of some hard L and then ate a whole chocolate bar, and then ate the 2 grams of bud. I would think that that would make some sense?
  15. You're missing the step where heating decarboxylates the THC into the more psychoactive form. Cooking is a must if you want efficiency.

    You CAN get high eating uncooked weed; you're just going to be wasting most of it. Bioavailability of uncooked, cured cannabis is like 10% as opposed to 30-40% for properly processed cannabis.
  16. Nope, I was well aware of all of the steps, i mean i'v bolied bud in milk(BANG i think), but i would think that the acids or what have you in the stomach when combined with Alcohol and chocolate and bud would do something in a better noation, then just raw bud alone wich seems to be the going debate.
  17. Mmmm a good bhang lassi is a wonderful thing. It's a yogurt based drink originating in India, loaded with cannabis :D

  18. In raw cannabis, MOST of the THC is present as THC-a (acid).
    THC-a doesnt do anything to you, if you ate pure THC-a you would feel absolutely nothing.

    THC-a converts to THC very slowly at room temperature, and very quickly when its heated to around 300 degrees farenheit.
    Because it converts slowly at room temperature, most bud has some converted THC in it, and thats probably what you're getting high from when eating raw bud.

    The point is, if you want to get the most out of the THC available in the herb, and not have to eat more than 2 grams, you have to heat the herb at some point to make the conversion, called decarboxylation as a co2 molecule detaches from the thc-a, to get psycoactive THC.

    You can get effect from eating raw bud, but heating the bud increases the potency enormously.
  19. dude, you sound like a total nark, we dont need to know all that crazy shit you aced in colledge, you don't even sound like youv'e even smoked pot.
    oh, and your being a total hipocrit for saying you were not rude to us while at the same time caling us fuck-ups and asses
    -rep bro, try smokin some weed, it will make you chilllllllllll

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