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Eating raw bud DOES get you high!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by StonedApe, Dec 25, 2012.

  1. I ate about 1/3g raw bud (bubble gum kush) at 11:42am. Right now it is 3:29pm and I'm very high. It's a nice head high since this is a sativa. Just to confirm, I did NOT decarb at all. All I did was put the bud in my mouth, chew for 2 minutes, then swallow with water. It tasted really nasty, so I drank some water, grape juice, ate some almonds, drank some mango juice and the taste was still there. I then brushed my teeth and ate a few lamb chops and the taste was gone, but my stomach felt upset just a tiny bit for a while. I'm all better now and the high is good.

    God blessed me with a drawing ability, so I'm sending these to my brother and cousin for Christmas (cheap, I know) :


    edit: it's 5:45pm and I'm just now posting this, I rushed off to go somewhere. I'm even higher than I was before!
  2. yea, it can

    but you are wasting it, essentially. THCA needs heat to become its psychoactive form.

  3. Where you high when you drew these?
  4. Maybe it does, but I just proved from first hand experience that I can reach the SAME high from eating raw bud that I can get from vaping. I'm used to using a vape and edibles, and right now I'm just as high as I get from edibles (I've made oil, tea, chocolate bars etc.) and it's been 5 hours now.

    edit: actually nevermind you might be right because I used 1/3g and that's how much I use over an entire day with a vape, so this is less efficient. We'll see how long the high lasts.

    Yes sir!
  5. So you're telling me you just discovered something that people have been testing for years? Congratulations.
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  6. I wouldn't be disappointed at all getting a drawing for xmas.

    I don't think I'd call it a waste if you're enjoying yourself... :D .. merryxmas.

  7. also, dont forget the placebo effect lol, ive eaten a gram before when i was young and stupid

    nothing happened, so thats a first hand experience, that it can do nothing also, completely contradictory to your experience hahah

    Its not like.. up to decision to claim THCA isnt very psychoactive, it just isnt.... over time THCA will convert to d9-THC without heat, and some happens during the dry and cure. So that could explain why you got high and i did, different amount of dying and curing perhaps. But its also shown that oil is a much better vehicle to deliver cannabinoids into the body through the digestive system haha

    Like i said, it can happen, but it also cant. When you decarb it, you ensure that it can, in fact, happen
  8. I wouldnt say god blessed you with a drawing ability these look like average to above average drawings, like unless u drew these in 2minutes of the top of your head I wouldnt say they were impressive, actually can I see what else you've drawn?

    Also as for getting you high, i've never experienced getting high at all from eating, maybe you had alot of fatty foods recently and it absorbed better or something idk, but I think it would have been a much better idea to smoke it up.
  9. Translation:

  10. If you chewed it for 2 minutes I almost feel like the friction from your teeth caused (at least some of) the THC to activate.
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  11. what the shit did I just read?

    All I know is that my room mate thought the same thing so he sprinkled some weed on pizza. Then he told me what he did....I just told him he was an idiot for thinking that gets him high
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  12. sounds like something i wouldn't do and don't believe at all.
    not being a dick. i just think you think you're high but you're not.
    but okay.
  13. You have to eat 3 times what you smoke to achieve the same high.
  14. this is untrue, if you prepare the bud properly.

    next time drink it with whole milk and put it in peanutbutter and grind up the bud really fine
  15. I will stick with Dobies and edibles.
  16. Quick question, off topic: WHY THE FUCK WERE YOU CHEWING ON/DECIDE TO EAT BUD!?
  17. lol it's funny how some people are are in disbelief and others are saying it's nothing new.

    There's recently been alot of 'news' saying that eating raw bud doesn't get you high...I think that's the reason the OP made his post.
  18. Yes it does, learned the hard way...
  19. Or you could just make firecrackers and know you are getting high with a better taste.
  20. F it! let's put this to the test (again) for all the doubters. I'm gonna chow .3 g, it's xmas :D

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