Eating pipe resin (my successful experiment)

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  1. im sure you have all heard about resin at some point or another. its that sticky, smelly, gross black stuff that builds up in pipes over time. i used to smoke the stuff back in high school (as a last resort to get high). i havent smoked resin in a long time because its obviously not good for your health. for years, i had wondered if there was a way to get the cannabinoids extracted from the resin, and a couple weeks ago i finally found out how to do it. and you dont even have to smoke it! so i was at a buddys house and he was cleaning his bong. by the time he was done, he had about a solid gram of resin just sitting there. i decided to see if i could do something with it involving edibles. he gave it to me for free as he was about to throw it out, and i set myself to work. the first step was to find a solvent that could be used to quickly and efficently extract thc from the resin. naturally, i chose 91% isoprpyl rubbing alcohol, as alcohol pulls out the thc from the thca (although i have a theory that if the cannabinoids in the resin have already been heated, there is no need to reheat/extract them). so i got a tiny bottle of rubbing alcohol and dropped the sticky wad of resin in there. i shook up the bottle until there was no more solid chunks left. this did 2 things: 1) it made sure that all of the available thc in the product was absorbed by the alcohol, and 2) killed any bacteria that may have been in the resin (and probably was, seeing as water pipes can be breeding grounds for germs if you let them get too dirty). next, i filtered out the solid matter with a coffee filter, and let the remaining black solution sit over night to evaporate. in the morning, i was left with a product that looked a lot like the original resin i had been working with, and smelled like it. i decided it would be a bad idea to smoke it, so instead i covered the resin in liver detox powder, and rolled it up into 3 balls. i put one ball of resin approx. the size of a pea in each of the 3 capsules i had. i decided i would try to take all three capsules later that day after classes were over (uc santa cruz hell yeah!). my plan did not go as expected however, because i heard rumors of a drug raid that same day, so instead of taking the capsules at the end of the day, i ended up taking them 2 hours before my classes for the day had ended. i was not expecting much, and everything went smoothly until my last class of the day. i started to feel it as soon as i stood up from my lunch break. i arrived at english class a very happy man. the effects of the capsules were insane! i was feeling the same high that i got from eating weed cookies. it was a very intense body stone that lasted more or less 3 hours. AND THEY SAY RESIN IS WORTHLESS! the best part was that i didnt feel any kind of stomach pain at all :) the first time i tried this, i did it with raw resin and i didnt get as high not to mention my stomach hurt afterwards. i just posted this to show you all that, you can get an excellent high from resin, and you dont even have to smoke it! i would love to hear some feedback on this!

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  2. Your brave..

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  3. I still smoke the shit
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  4. Awsome

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  5. Not sure I would go to the effort, but that's pretty creative, man. Nice to know it works, too.
  6. Would it be a bad idea to smoke what you had left over? If all the ISO is evaporated out, it shouldn't matter.
    I don't think I'd go to the effort, but props for experimenting!
  7. you can smoke the leftover, but it will have a lot more cbd than thc so it will make for a pretty mild high in my opinion, oh and thanks for the feedback guys i wasnt expecting answers so soon :p
  8. Ew

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  9. So you put resin in alcohol and then strained it and then ate it? Wtf did it taste like? Seems like a strange thing to do but if it got you baked then I guess that's what matters I think I'm just going to smoke mine
  10. wouldn't it be better to put it in like Everclear instead of isopropyl? Or is ethyl alcoohol gayer than isopropyl alcohol somehow
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  11. i didnt chew it, i put it into capsules and swallowed it. just like you would with a pill
  12. i used what was available at the time, but yes everclear would most likely work better
    this guy knows what's up
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    Lol, resin eating. Just when we thought the bar couldnt go any lower.
  15. some resin balls last a long time through smokin n shit but i dont know why you would wanna eat it thats some shoenice type shit
  16. I'd still much rather smoke it lol. Me and my friend have scraped my bowl and each got literally 40 hits each from the resin. Shit lasts forever and gets you high as hell

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  17. That's pretty cool

    Next goal, heat up resin on a spoon and inject it into your veins

    Omega369 :wave:
  18. You didnt extract the thc, you just made higher quality resin.

    But congrats on being overly creative instead of just smoking it?
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