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Eating or Smoking? What do YOU like more?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by GSxx83, May 5, 2006.

  1. ..never ate .. but smokin is so fun and jsut eatin isnt that fun to get high i like the smokin part of the gettin high .. make sence?
  2. man there at a equel but you smoke get high then eat and your gonna be on cloud nine(hyperthetical) i love to smoke a blunt maybe 2 then go to arbys damn then pass out haha (look at the ten dollar thread that tells you about me and arbys i love it)
  3. there's nothing like the head rush of smoking. eating is good for when you can't smoke though!
  4. :smoking: :smoking: :smoking: , and I say again:smoking: JOE>
  5. i love to eat it more but its just too damn expensive everytime you do it.

  6. ya i feel ya.. and the chance to FUCK it up its just another factor .. u cant fuck up smokin unless ur a retard but the cooking might take a lil finess that you havent masterd and if u dont master it there goes your half o eh?
  7. definately smoking

    the times i have tried eating, the weed gave me a weird belly ache and it wasnt as high of a feeling as i get immediatly from smoking
  8. Roll it up, light it up, smoke it up.

    Cypress Hill said it best.
  9. Well the polls seem to be a little one sided.......Just a 'lil :smoke:
  10. Well, the title says

    "What do YOU like more?"

    but the poll question is

    "The better High?"

    Eating is a better, long lasting high, but smoking is inntennseee
  11. I've never gotten really high from eating. I plan on making brownies every
    month and perfect my technique. I've heard it's more intense and lasts longer.
    So right now I prefer smoking.
  12. Lol no votes for eating.

    Smoking for sure
  13. I voted eating... but only because I thought the question was:

    "Which do you like more... Eating or smoking?"

    and in that case... i'd definitely have to say eating because without that, I'm dead.

    but now that i realize the question is "Which is the better high?"

    i'm gonna have to say... scratch 1 vote off eating, and add 1 to smoking :smoking:

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