eating on aa budget

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  1. You get fifty bucks to last toy a week

  2. i went to krogers last night and got 45 dollars of food for my entire week
  3. Me and my girlfriend live off of $30 a week for grocery shopping, it's easy lol. Aldi's FTW
  4. Eggs, rice, chicken(whole is exponentially cheaper than just breasts), spinach/carrots(canned), milk, bread(learn to make your own), oat meal.
  5. I've been living off less than $0.40 a meal lately....
  6. lol 50 bucks is pretty easy to eat on for a week as long as you dont get fast food or go out to eat.

    a tougher challenge would be 10-15 bucks to last a week.
  7. im in college and I only get 40 bucks a week make that work with buying weed and beer
  8. two bags of frozen chicken breast 14 dollars
    14 vitamin waters 10 dollars
    bag of brown rice 50cents
    loaf of whole grain bread 2 dollars
    peanut butter 3 dollars
    2lbs of bannas 1 dollar
    2 cartons of blueberries 4 dollars
    2 catons strawberry 4
    grapes 2 lbs 1.50
    v8 3 dollars
    tomatoes 2 dollars
    onion 50 cents
    green peppers 1.50
    red pepper 1.50
    turkey bacon 2.50
    2 carton of eggs 3 bucks

    then spend about 50 cent on protein powder everyday
  9. Easy.

    Pita bread
    Assortment of fruits/vegetables
    Falafel chips
    Southwest Spice Hummus
    Red pepper hummus
    Gallon of fat free milk
    Multigrain Cheerios
    Frozen chicken breasts
    Deli turkey
    Sugar-free Koolaid
  10. Cereal for breakfast
    Ramen for Lunch
    Banquets chicken pot pies for dinner
    Money left over for munchies and bud
  11. 50 a week is 200 a month. I don't know many single people who spend more then that a month
  12. Actually that's pretty damn true. Me, my wife, and son spend around $290 a month and we have a friend staying with us also.
  13. [quote name='"greedyorphan"']Cereal for breakfast
    Ramen for Lunch
    Banquets chicken pot pies for dinner
    Money left over for munchies and bud[/quote]

    No wonder you spend so little I couldn't live off that
  14. [quote name='"Rollin Cr00k3d"']I've been living off less than $0.40 a meal lately....[/quote]

    U been eating raymen noodles?
  15. 1.I never said "I" did spend that much.
    2.Homeless people LIVE off less. Believe me if you had to, you could.
    3.I don't spend anything. My wife grocery shops for her, our son, and I. I wouldn't know how to shop any other way.
    4. If you are asking how YOU should spend it, we could use more information. ex- where do you live, where do you shop, where do you eat out at, what is your living condition,do you have a deep freezer, what do you have to cook with, WHAT CAN YOU LIVE ON, How many people are you shopping for, Do you clip coupons? That kinda thing.

  16. I can make it work... get a job. :hello:
  17. 25 cent wing mondays

    50 cent taco tuesday

    3 dollar whopper meal wensday

    thirsty 5 for 2 thursday

    and 2 dollar steak burger and fries friday

    50 bucks? easy.

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