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Discussion in 'General' started by Bella, Apr 21, 2002.

  1. hey i read something about a way to eat weed, but like yiu have to do something to it first , what is that?? is it really more efficent than joints?
  2. Hey Bella,
    Your body can't process weed because THC will go straight through your system unless it's been saturated in something that will go through your bloodstream, such as fat, i.e. butter.

    What you want to do is cook your ganja in some butter, forgive my stoniness but I forget the ratio of butter to ganja, but is it 1/4 oz per stick to 2 stix of butter? Someone help me here. Trick is you don't want to let the butter boil, because THC starts burning off @ boiling point. Also stir it to make sure the buds don't burn ~ gross. DO this for I think 15-20 minutes? Again help my stoned a$$, friends.

    Cool off your butter & use for baking brownies/cookies/peanut butter & chocolate bars, anything htat involves butter.

    It will knock you off our booty, but in a different,more mellow, flitty body high. Definitely worth it if you can afford the $ for the weed.
    p.s. the more weed you use the more potency your baked goods will have. good luck!
  3. Dont forget cookies, and other fine eateries. =)
  4. I'll try that
  5. Never ate it before, always smoked. I wanna give this a try. Thanks!
  6. Totally different, waaaaay cool buzz!! :smoking:
  7. use your leaves if you have them it takes one QP of leaf to make one pound of butter. So an ounce for every stick!!
    you need cheese cloth too. just put the leaves in the cheese cloth tie it up so they can't get out and put them in a pot and fill with water drop in the butter and boil the f*ck out of em. you want to get all the thc out of the leaves and into the water. than after you feel they have boiled enough ( I do mine for half a day) take the cheese cloth and squeeze all the moisture you can out while it's hot (you'll need gloves). Than when it cools the butter and water seperate and you scrape off the butter bake in your fav recipe as usual. It messes ya up I made some excellent reece bars and brownies with leaves from a northern lights harvest last year. they were awesome
  8. dont boil it if you boil it all of the thc will be released and you've wasted all your bud
  9. so i could use a half oz. and a half stick of butter and make my favorite recipe? would this work for 2-3 people? my friend said he ate like... 3 brownies (from an oz.) and his stomeache got upset but it was badass?

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