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Eating Mangos Gets You Higher?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Patscanes11, Jun 4, 2013.

  1. My friend showed me this video and apparently mangos have something inside them that intensify your overall high. Has anyone heard of this? If so does it work?
  2. im a little to tired to go diggin out exact names but what it comes down to is yes it has things inside it that could potentially increase a high but not enough for a noticeable difference but take omega 3 that will make a difference
  3. Yeah its quite a popular stoner tactic.  I'm not sure of the science behind it, or if it is really just a  placebo but many people swear by it
    I've tried it before, but its difficult to gauge if its really getting you any higher.  Its not ilke you smoke exactly the same amount of THC every time so yeah..
    There are many factors that go into the quality of your high - setting, mood, tolerance, etc..
  4. And BudButler is right, omega 3 is the way to go
  5. Hmm omega 3 as in like what? Fish?
  6. Hmm omega 3 as in like what? Fish?
  7. ya fish has it i personally take supplements for omega 3 on a daily basis you can get them at any pharmacy
  8. Yeah fish oil is one of the best ways to get it..Take them daily..they are supposed to imrpove cannabinoid receptor health I believe
  9. I have never tried it but If I was going to eat or take anything to get me higher I would go with the Omega 3.  :bongin:
  10. Well, if omega-3 gets you higher then eating a mango will, does that mean eating walnuts will get you stoned? Walnuts have plenty of omega-3. 
  11. I wouldn't say it gets you higher, but it speeds up the high due to some sort of chemical reaction in the fruit and in the THC. It gets to your brain/blood faster.
  12. Mangoes supposedly have some natural chemical in them that helps your body absorb thc, that's my understanding for the reasoning behind it. You gotta eat one at least a half hour before you smoke though, and it definitely worked for me when I tried it. I was the only one out of three to eat a mango and then smoke the same pot with those people, and I was obviously higher than both of them.

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