Eating mandarins

Discussion in 'High Ideas' started by jayfoxpox, Dec 30, 2012.

  1. Eating mandarins are crazy. You pop a segment in your mouth , then your break it in your mouth and all the little pockets of orange juice bursts in your mouth dispersing this delightful and sensational taste and refreshingly hydrating feeling on the back of my throat. The freshest and tastiest mandarin juice ever to be tasted.

    I think this need to peel and chew makes us more mindful of our taste ,which makes the mandarin more flavourful through eating , than drinking.
  2. Yup, one of my fav past times is getting stoned as fuck, put on a movie, and proceed the peeling. :D
  3. i love mandarins but i bite the skin around my nails all the time which makes it impossible to peel any citrus fruit without me shedding manly tears. r.i.p dankkitty's fingernail skin :(
  4. I hear yah. Makes eating them a painful hassle. Plus they make my hands dry. ::smoke::

    -I'm being Blunt.

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