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eating hash :D

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Deleted member 217833, Sep 26, 2009.

  1. well today i smoked half of my hash with my friends, and it didnt get me high. i assume because it was my first time, they got high. and yes i know how to inhale lol

    but anyways im at home now, and id like to try again. smoking is not an option. so can i eat a little like 0.2-0.4 g and get high from it? is it safe?
    its from holland btw , from a shop. so its pretty good quality. its green :D
  2. OKAY.. I hope I'm not too late but YOU CANNOT EAT CANNABIS IF YOU DO NOT COOK IT FIRST...
    The THC gets in your system either by smoking it or by cooking it so it sticks to the fat of another food and now it's edible..
  3. its not cannibas, its hash. and your not too late haha
  4. nope cant eat it, just smoke it and dont hold the smoke in your mouth exhale all your air before taking a hit to get the smoke deep in your lungs and youll get very very high no matter how new or old you are to smoking.
  5. im pretty sure you can eat hash,atleast thats what i got from searching google? anyone else agree with chanceF?
  6. Lol funniest quote ever, almost sig worthy.
    So whats thw active ingredient in this "hash:)confused::rolleyes:)" that you speak of?
  7. damn it. hoping i was right. oh well. thanks anyways
  8. if you didnt feel any buzz at all then ur not inhalin it right. no matter how good u are if ur not gettin any high off it then ur not doin it. just smoke that shit and get high

  9. Come on guys, do some research before you just repeat the BS you hear from the ignorant on this site...

    Erowid Experience Vaults: Hash - Eating Excessive Amount Is Like Tripping - 8075

    Eating hash used to be one of the more common ways to get high from it. Very common in the middle east a long time ago.
  10. Im guessing someone read The Tale of Two Hashish Eaters:rolleyes:..
    well so did I, im even thinking of trying it rite now:smoking:
  11. Not me.
  12. "Excessive amounts."

    Yes, hashish can be eaten, but I'd rather just smoke it. =/

    OP, you're probably not doing it right. If it's -good- hash, then you'll be high no matter what if you're a newbie to smoking.
  13. i cooked once with hash and it got me destroyed for 12 hrs , last thing i did was pasta with hash.i did not weigh how much i've put in for one person but it was like how much you put in a joint with hash and tobacco

  14. haha im glad im not the only one who caught that.
  15. There's a thread somewhere in the edibles section about eating hash.

    The guy who did it said he got really high or something along those lines

    good luck

    go eat some and report back :D
  16. Green hash means its fresh, let it dry out in a room for 30-40 minutes.

    And no eating it will not work.

  17. Wrong.
  18. tooo late guys. my chance of eating is gone. oh well, i guess another time haha
  19. Eating hash works, but cooking with it might have better results. Try and eat a large amount though - and if you weren't high after inhaling right, it's probably soapbar (aka 15% leaf material, 85% rubber and other contaminants)
  20. wrong, i did it several times and it works

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