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Eating Fresh Bud

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by ap403, Sep 30, 2010.

  1. Anybody ever do it? Last time I was trimming with my buddies we had been up all night drinking and running through the woods, and none of us felt like getting up to make something to eat, so we just started eating the bud we were trimming.

    It was a complete waste, we must have eaten like an ounce and a half just for the shit of it, but the taste was fucking amazing! Sweet and savory and crisp, with this amazing spiciness at the end. Just the taste was enough to justify the waste.

    So, anyone ever eat fresh nugs, just for the taste?
  2. uh... yeah all the time, i like to throw it in my cereal.
  3. Ive never eaten fresh nugs, but I've licked my fingers after breaking some up.
  4. Damn straight. Colossal Berry Kush!
  5. pfft fuck that man i make Fruity pebble deisel.
  6. Wow I just.. wow. You know that weed tastes really good when it's cured well and smoked out of a clean piece. But hey it's your weed so if you wanna eat 400 dollars worth of weed that's your choice :laughing:.
  7. yeah its gonna fuck with your stomach unless its been through a decarboxylation process...bad stomach pains.
  8. Oh definitely, I can't imagine one's stomach being used to having to digest that much plant fiber at once, ouch.
  9. pfft i eat 400$ worth of weed on a daily basis gtfo with your nonsense lolol
  10. We were trimming up a couple different plants, all the Bubblegum got taken care of correctly, so did most of the Big Bud. We were munching on the sack-seed plant. Not shwaggy, but it got cut a couple week too early because of a mass harvest.

    Point being, don't worry; I've inhaled enough Bubblegum over the past two weeks that my lungs probably look like a Juicy Fruit commercial.
  11. Haha I know dude I'm just poking fun at you, everybody does strange things when they drink. At least you found a good use for the premie girls.
  12. I've eaten a few nugs. If i get some really tasty looking bud sometimes i just can't help myself

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