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Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Robbieontheroad, Feb 1, 2017.

  1. Hello all. Tried to find another opinion of eating decarbed weed. Hard to find, so here is mine. I like it. It works great for me, YMMV. I decarb my weed (however you do it), fire it into a coffee grinder and grind very well. Take the powder, fit it into a 00 cap, pack tight. nothing added, no evaporating, no chemicals, just pot. Eat, enjoy. It takes me 2.5 to 3 hrs to hit me (same as all eatables for me :( ) The best part of this is easy dosing. I get medical hooch in Canada, and if the bottle says 15% THC, then a 00 cap has roughly 1 gram, 15% of 1000 ml 150ml THC (give or take). Did some exodus cheese (25.4%), 254ml THC dose and I was blitzed for 6 to 8 hrs. Couldn't have done 2 of them. Makes it easy to dose. KISS!

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  2. What is a 00 cap ?
  3. HI, its a capsule size, they sell them at a health food store.
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  4. Twice the volume of a (0) cap.

    Like so
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  5. Glycerin caps ok?
  6. Should work as long as they are empty.
  7. Glycerin caps are the best as they resist melting from the cannabinoids. The vegan caps are much softer and breakdown faster.
    Think I got my last order through
    Best prices I found.
  8. Eatables??? Lmao you mean edibles right??
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  9. Have you tried with a couple drops of coconut oil? Is your dose this way 1 gram of cannabis? Do you need that much?

    What is your "dose" size if you buy an edible?

    How much do you vape/smoke at a time and per day?

    Thanks for the time to answer these questions.
  10. About three fitty
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  11. the vegan caps sound appealing for decarbed flower/also abv, in that it dissolves sooner than the glycerin after consumption.
    glycerin is more suited for BnW's canna cap recipe.

    This is not a statement - but a question?.

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