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Discussion in 'General' started by zombiegreen, Jun 20, 2013.

  1. Has anyone on GC ever entered an eating contest? I want to try the phaal curry challenge at brick lane curry house, the prize is a free beer! Let me read your stories of triumph over food!

  2. I had a Doritos eating contest with myself last night. Was going very good until a sharp triangle piece of Dorito stabbed my gums and it really hurt :c
  3. I always wanted to enter a eating contest but I will go after I smoke more than 4 blunts, that's when I get the hungry hippo munchies. 
  4. Me & some homies got the 555 deal from dominos pizza. See who can eat a medium the fastest, i dominated. I always wanted to do challenges at restaurants that will make it free if you finish.
  5. Anyone ever done the "blazing wing challenge" at buffalo wild wings? If I'm not mistaken it's eat 12 wing in 12 min in blazing sauce. I know you get your picture on the wall, and I think you get a tee shirt!
  6. When I was a kid I always raced wih my friends to see who could drink a soda the fastest, eat a bowl of cereal, pizza, and that kind of shit lol. I usually won :D. Ended up gaining some unwanted weight though :S
  7. never really have, but my mates dad held the world record for eating oysters once... something like 42 dozen in one sitting. fuck that.
  8. A free beer is a shitty prize
  9. I think I could handle a corn eating contest, I love corn and can get through a cob in like 10 seconds
  10. I want to do an eating contest at this Chinese restaurant in Corvallis they give you like 6 meat dishes and there is a money prize. It was like 600 dollars last time I was there.
  11. I've never done one myself but i'm such a fast eater people look at me after getting their food and ask me where mine went :laughing: My parents bitch at me all the time telling me i'm gonna die from eating to fast one day. Damn if i had a bigger stomach i could rock a food challenge i just have a tiny stomach :(

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