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Eating cannabis instead

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by BudBrownies, Mar 18, 2013.

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    I've been baking with cannabis and know since the invention of firecrackers, you don't need a lot to get very very stoned. The amount of two fat bowls or a joint is more than enough to get someone with a high tolerance, geeked for hours.... I ate 3 firecrackers played Xbox for hours. Laughing, total awe. The body high is really intense. Feels like energy is flowing through your body, you wake up the next day...feeling like you've had a huge mental workout. Body feels still relaxed. People that have eaten marijuana. Would you prefer it to smoking or vaping? I now the act of packing a bowl and blowing smoking out of your mouth can be very therapeutic but the medical benefits of the lungs and body with eating plus the prolonged and extremely potent effect.

    People that have eaten cannabis, what do you think. Eating over smoking?
  2. Smoking ftw, yeah eating is nice, but waaaay more time consuming for the same payoff.
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    But it's not the same payoff. Eating Is way more potent but I can understand the time, although it takes maybe 5-10 mins to make 3 crackers and I let the oven do all the work. I'm high for atleast five hours. It's not the same. Although instead of instant effect with smoking it can take hours to take effect with eating.

  4. You eat and get high for a few hours, I dab and get high for a few hours, yeah it's not the same at all...
  5. i think i prefer dabs of wax or oil.

    it gets you high to the point where you say "did i just smoke a blunt alone?"

    and you stay that way for about the same time as a brownie will.

    brownies, just like vaporizers are still totally different highs though.

  6. You haven't been eating the right edibles than.... I mean you ingest 90% thc of the plant material straight into the blood stream over a period of time. Eating is concidered the strongest delivery system for cannabis.

  7. It's just vaporized weed jezzous christo. Set the oven or vape to 250 and the same shit happens.
  8. ^^^ not sure if serious....
  9. I love when people start pulling out the percentages like they have a PHD in weed.
  10. Edibles definitively get me higher than BHO/Wax. With them BHO im straight blazed for a couple hours, like 2 or 3 at most. Edibles? All day.
  11. Never had a legit edible. I made my own but I think I messed up with the temperature but it was an okay experience. I would love to try a potent edible done right but I just love the act of smoking and inhaling the goodness =)
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    I had a lung collapse about 7 months ago, and I was really worried that I would never be able to enjoy cannabis again. For about 6 months leading up to the lung collapse, I was only vaporizing with my arizer and not smoking at all. I have tried vaping again since the collapse, and every time it makes the lung very irritated, and having body pains while high and paranoid is not fun at all.

    As a biochemistry student, I dedicated myself to making awesome edibles using as much scientific data as I could. I do not live in a mmj state, so I had to make due with what I have. I now make a constant batch of high quality edibles that I swear I could package well and sell in dispensaries.

    Not only that, but this has also extended how long cannabis lasts for me. I can take an eighth of some quality dank and turn it into 12 powerful cookies, half of which will be enough for a day's worth for me, effectively making an eighth last 24 days.

    Not only that, but I have made it so that the process produces very little smell, and that the edibles do not have a strong smell or taste of cannabis itself, making them very good for stealth use.

    Living in college, if I want to enjoy cannabis I no longer have to worry about producing a smell; instead, I just eat a delicious cookie!
  13. that's interesting. my lungs collapsed years ago and i have asthma, but both of the problems and pains went away after i started vaping and exercising.
  14. I mainly only vape using my iolite through my n3rd bubbler. I then use all the vaped bud to make firecrackers (don't even need to put them in the oven). Between vaping and ABV edibles, my bud goes a long way.

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