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Eating Cannabis? Advantages?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Blazin604, Apr 6, 2013.

  1. Hey guys I am a long time smoker..about 8 years now and I have tried edibles here and there. Recently MJ was legalized in WA so I have been re-introduced to the edible scene through the dispensaries. Just wondering what beifits there are from eating thc vs. Smoking? I am trying to quit smoking weed my lungs need a break. I need to invest in a vape. Anyone else go through the same thing? The edibles have been great so far and I have managed to quit smoking. I have moments where I am so high It feels like years ago when I started token..
  2. A vape is good but you'll end up building up a tolerance to it if you go cheap. Edibles work good and they give you more of a body high but then again it depends on the bud used. Advantages of edibles are that they last way longer than just smoking just take a little longer to hit you however.
  3. You get high
  4. Very high for hours and hours. Get some delicious beer and pet your dog, Buckwheat.
  5. smoking thc will irritate the cilia in your lungs. vaping might to a much lesser degree. ingesting thc through edibles will get around all of that. vaping still seems pretty safe tho. but ya man save your lungs and vape/eat instead of smoking it up! hope that helps
  6. get the mflb(Portable vaporizer that just needs a battery. rechargable) one not even full trench bowl gets me really high. And i put like .2 in it

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