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EATing BHO - Honey oil

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by TheCareGiver, Jan 14, 2010.

  1. Ok, well i thought i knew the answer but i keep getting different answers where i search, After a butane extraction, Can you just eat the honey oil? Thats what i've done in the past, just put it on a small piece of rolling paper and roll it up and chug it down with water, I certainly can tell i take it, but, am I wasting it? do I have to go a step further and mix with food with a high fat content? Only reason I ask is because I have a very hard time eating with nausea and no appetite.
  2. anyone? ..bump..
  3. You can eat it straight up or add it to coffee is what i do..
  4. Does it dissolve in te coffee? Unless you drown yours in cream I can't imagine its being extracted into the coffee...
  5. MM yeah im a coffee drinker. Would it be any better or different if I were to use the same oil in like a firecracker or something along the lines? or just as good does the same.

  6. It melts in the coffee... Extraction isnt necessary as it is already an extraction.
  7. Yeah, but if theres no fat or alcohol in the coffee it won't dissolve into it and you'll have a cup of coffee with a little ball of BHO stuck to the bottom of the cup lol
  8. It melts and makes a small film on the top, I usually get it all in a few sips..
  9. i suggest getting fruity pebbles and making some cereal bars with some oil they taste great and wont waste any
  10. Oh I do that with tea and cannabutter sometimes, if you wisk the shit out of it it'll emulsify pretty well.

    BTW Countzer0 - Would it mean anything to you if I were to say "The Widget!"?

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