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Eating before the smoke session?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Barcelona420, Feb 16, 2009.

  1. I recently have heard that idea of eating before smoking to increase the high. Is this true? If so, can someone explain to me why this occurs? thanks
  2. I don't think it necessarily kills the high, but alot of people including myslef like to eat before they smoke so they don't get the munchies later, which will kill your high.

  3. Took the words right outta my mouth
  4. eating mango first gets you higher. and munchies kill the high for sure.
  5. eating before smoking just kills my muchies but it gets me tired faster
  6. I eat a little bit cuz I don't like to smoke on an empty stomach but I def. enjoy the munchies so idc.
  7. yea...gotta have some food in your stomach so u wont constantly want to munch out right after smoking, unless you're smoking for a munchie session i.e. before going out to dinner.
    Foods i find that kill my high the most are chinese food, fast food and pizza..they are rich in all the goodies
  8. I don't like smoking if I'm already hungry. I like to "take care of everything" before I smoke, and if I'm hungry eating would definitely be one of those things to take care of.
  9. i usually eat a little something before i smoke helps keep the munching down.
  10. I must say, my food tastes 10x more delicious after I smoked.
    But since I lost 30% of my weight in the past few years that I've been smoking, I'd changed my smokingstrategy.

    I don't know If it's true, but so I've heard;

    For a long time, a few years, I couldn't eat or sleep without smoking.. Well, still can't sleep without a fat J..

    But lately I quitted for a week or 2 and my eating habits became better..
    Now I first eat, and smoke after! This way I can always eat, and I'm not dependable on weed to get some food in my stumach, which is rediculus.
    And also my metabolism isn't that fast anymore.. dont know about this for sure.. but the doctor told me if I eat before I smoke, instead of smoke and eat then, I'll gain weight in no time..

    I must say I've gained a little weight.. but i'm not convinced yet..

    Anyho', I eat before I smoke.. to make a long story short :D
  11. cosign

    also, if you smoke a lot on an empty stomach, you could get a visit from the MudButt Fairy
    likewise if you smoke some super dank bud w/o food

  12. In my 6 years of smoking ive never gotton mudbutt from smoking. Except that one time I ate my weight in chips and salsa but that wasnt the weeds fault.
  13. bullshit no mudbutt ever

  14. You beat me to it..ditto. :hello:
  15. well i didnt think it was possible either until friday night--four of us smoked 1.2gs blueberry kush, 2 gs sour diesel, and 1.8 gs northern lights. the kid whos house we were staying at shat his pants.
  16. technically i eat before AND after i smoke, because i eat every two hours and let my food digest for an hour, THEN smoke (then eat again in an hour)

  17. i almost shat my pants laughing at that
  18. If i'm gonna be smoking all night ill toke first, hit up McDonalds or w/e, chow down on some nuggets, and then hit another bowl. But if its my last pinch i'm eating first. Eating brings down my high.
  19. x2
  20. I actually try to eat before I smoke sometimes, so I dont get the munchies so bad and because I have found that it can last longer if I dont eat after I smoke.

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