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Eating before or after puffing?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by SplitGenetics, Aug 12, 2011.

  1. Which do people prefer? Latly I feel like eating before I blaze is better, but sometimes I like to eat after puffing, but I have bad acid reflux & that becomes a pain in the ass usually, if I eat later on at night when I puff a good amount.. Im just curious how you people of GC do it, eating Before or After smoking.
  2. I'm so damn unhealthy. I do all my eating at night. No breakfast, crackers for lunch, but after dinner I get crazy munchies and annihilate the kitchen (and I'm losing Been trying to work on that, and making myself eat before I sit down and smoke has helped a bit. I've also always known that eating when I have the munchies makes me lose most of my high. And I don't appreciate that.
  3. I eat before I smoke because it severely decreases the munchies and I can enjoy my high more without feeling sick because I've had too much to eat.

    Also, I find that my high decreases very rapidly when I eat right after I smoke, so I tend to just avoid food in general when I'm high.
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    Yeah I find that to be the same case as me pretty much. Decreases rapidly indeed.
  5. Before sounds like it won't work... but it does.
    I normally make a huge stack of whole-wheat pancakes before I get high (or just normally every summer morning :D) and eat them... then I get high. I normally don't feel hungry and just stay not hungry. It's better than eating my ass off and just feeling super fat.
  6. Need to keep sugar levels up before you smoke, or you will get sick. But at same time, you don't want to be to full or you won't be able to much. So a small meal does me good :)

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