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Eating AVB...

Discussion in 'Incredible, Edible Herb' started by baurman, Jul 15, 2010.

  1. I'm about to make some firecrackers with 1 gram of AVB and I was wondering, is it ok for our bodies to digest the crushed up AVB bud? I was planning on making brownies that way I could just extract the THC into the butter, that way I won't need to digest any plant matter. but I am a bit of a ways away to having the amount I need for brownies and I am very itching to try edibles. So 1 gram doesn't seem that bad, the only problem I have is actually eating this. I don't want the plant matter to upset my digestive system and make me sick or something. Thoughts?
  2. Do you have a light stomach in general for things? If so, then it might make you sick but if you typically don't have any trouble then you should be good to go. I see recipes all the time that have the buds still in it.
  3. I'm just giving it a chance because I have been having the edible itch for quite some time now and collecting an ounce of AVB seems like it's taking years. So I just measured out 1g of AVB and mixed it up with a tablespoon of peanut butter and spread it over saltine crackers to bake... we'll see how this goes!
  4. I've eaten straight before..the taste is very strong..almost like eating dirt[never ate dirt but i assume its how it tastes] gave me a really strong high, ate about 5 gs...although its best to get a recipe. its easier on your stomach and taste buds.
  5. Baurman never came back, I think he died from eating 1 ounce of AVB.
    Let's say a prayer and be in a moment of Silence for Baurman.
  6. today i made firecrackers with avb before going to work.. i had about 6 grams of avb and i made it into 6 crackers. I brought them all with me because I had no weed for after work and thought i'd eat them like an hour before works done. (we can eat whenever we want at work if its something we can bring in our bag).. started eating em 1 hour into my shift because it was DEAD as fuck today lol, halloween, nobody ordering food, no phones to be answered. (call center for a fast food delivery service)
    anyways, we were just throwing a little football around munchin candies and I decided to leave early since they were letting people do that. Biked home from work, stopped at my dealers to try his new stuff, bomb as hell, bought a eighth just cause its too fucking expensive for me (my other buddy was accross town so im just gonna get my usual dank from him later on lol) but yeah this big blue is bomb, tonight was a good night. stoned as fuck off those firecrackers man holy fuck
  7. AVB/ABV is active since it has already been heated by the vaporizer.
    As long as it's not BLACK, it can be Dark brown to Light brown and it will be active. You can eat the "vape poo" raw or mix it in some food or mix it with brownie mix and bake it. Or mix with some alcy it will still work same. Alcohol + bud = heavier stone due to alcohol intoxication effect. I don't recommend it 100 percent of the time, I'd stick with non alcoholic edibles / eating raw (mixed with some food to mask taste of vaped bud). Enjoy the edible high it lasts along ass time even with vaped mids.
  8. Nutella and AVB is great.
  9. what so i can just eat AVB straight with nothing for it to be absorbed into? just straight ABV?

  10. Yes but it would be wise to put it on something/mix it in so you can mask the flavor.

    It taste's like dirt when you eat it straight.
  11. but whats changed with AVB that makes it your body can absorb?
  12. The heat causes the THC to decarboxylate.
  13. Theres no way thats true. your linking two things with no real correlation
  14. if that were true then people would just heat bud in the oven for a bit then eat it straight instead of going through a lengthy process of cooking it.
  15. Exactly. All of these other answers sound like a bunch of bologna.

    I'm pretty positive the cannabinoids need to attach to a lipid to work properly while digested.
  16. This looks like a question needing the infamous badkittysmiles!!
  17. Have friends come match bowls then steal the ABV weed. Builds up so quick that way :smoke:
  18. dont worry about eating abv its all good. ive done it straight no cooking and it got me lit. I even made a thread on it, pretty sure it was called something like "eating abv raw"
  19. Yes it works!

    Digesting it is no issue, it's healthy plant matter.

    If you don't want to put effort in, just throw it in yogurt or a P&B sandwich.
  20. Maybe people go through cooking it so they don't have to eat the raw plant matter. It makes sense that eating AVB raw would work.

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