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  1. Do any girls live have their ass licked?
    I love to eat ass. When I go down on a girl I can go down for hours.
    What do you girls like?

  2. You like to eat random ass?
  3. i get my wifes ass fresh out the shower. 69. im on the bottom as to keep her from getting claustrophobia and choking, so i get sucked off while i tongue fuck her ass. i pretty much just surf the whole area between her clit and her asshole.
  4. Oh yeah, fresh out the shower only for me.
    no Selena Gomez? I'd eat her asshole after a long bike ride on a hot day.
  5. its pretty hott in the moment, i wouldn't turn it down but i also wouldnt say "ohh baby eat my ass" lol. if you want to you know what ta do, i won't say no.

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  6. Haha pretty much this :p its something spontaneous I don't head to the bed room with ass eating on the mind ha
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    i also like it. like
    i love eating pussy
  8. It only takes one bad experience...
  10. i love it but she never asks...oh well she gives up da muff alll day tho.
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    no, no asslicking. That's nasty.
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    Ehh im wary about ass play ever since a chick sent me a vid of her fingering herself, it was really hot until i noticed a good amount of shit in her asshole. It was all up im the camera too cause she was on the bed, legs spread wide and camera close up.My worst nightmare is to come up with a tongue full of shit *shiver*
  13. This...

    If we're just out of the shower and I'm goin to town it happens. I don't focus on the booty hole but if my tongue so happens go down that far then so be it. In the moment with someone I care about it doesn't fuckin matter. Now some random chick definitely not
  14. Honestly, it's sort of awkward you're just laying there thinking well this is different.....or wow he's a freak or I wonder if he does this frequently etc...Sent from my iPod touch using Grasscity Forum
  15. Peas, corn and carrots bro...peanuts too...
  16. I eat ass all the time.  I would eat ass 3 meals a day 7 days a week.  Yep.  Love that ass.
  17. Wasn't this already a thread?
    I feel like I have read some of these responses elsewhere
  18. I've had it done before. I enjoyed it too. But it was just a thing I wouldn't want it all the time plus I really doubt I could talk my boyfriend into it.
  19. I never understood how ass licking is a turn on....shit comes out of there....and even after the probably still has a hint of shit smell....YUCK!!!!

  20. Humans are funny.

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