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eating apple pipe?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by LoRider, Mar 12, 2007.

  1. yea just made my first apple pipe and after a couple bowls my bro ate the apple. just wondering if anybody else eats the apple after smoking some bowls.
  2. Oh man....like 5 years ago when I was 15 I would do that...those days were awesome just freaking running around my neighborhood hitting an apple pipe being sneaky and crazy haha! Well yes...to answer your question I would usually eat the apple after my session as I was walking home...awesome times :smoking:
  3. obvcourse! Its a great source of nutrition.
  4. would the res on it actually do anything?
  5. ^ no, it'll jus taste weird ... its still good though.
  6. Well when I smoked out of an apple once, I did eat it. It was cool because after about 20-30 mins. my high would dissapte, but then it would get kicked back up a notch. The apple picked me up about 2 or 3 times.
  7. ^^^No it didn't.

  8. haha, i was just thinking the same thing...
  9. The apple may not get you high, but apples are, in fact, delicious.
  10. lol, I remember doing this when I was like 14 or so. At the time I thought it got me higher, but it was probably just in my head. Also it might taste gross so I wouldn't do it.
  11. hahaha im so baked i zooooemed through about 5 waterfalls of some crippy and i misread the titlea nd i thought it said "aaple pies" so i thought mmmmmm apple pies for some reason and i clickd it and iwas like awwwwww man apple pipesssssss shiiiiiiiiiiiiiit
  12. hahaha...

    I wouldnt eat the apple, itd taste like shit. But hey if youve gotta munch, ya gotta munch...I dont think it would get ya any higher
  13. ^^
    Agreed. THC is, as stated thousands of times on this forum (no offense to the OP or anything) fat soluble, and I'm pretty sure an apple wouldn't absorb any THC (or at least very little). But, I dont know a lot about science so I could be wrong...

    But you could be the first to find out man!! How bout this: smoke out of like 6 apples or so and save them. Then one day when you haven't smoked, eat all of the apples & see if you notice the difference. GENIUS!!!
  14. placebo :rolleyes::eek:
  15. Its kind of like a tradition to at least take a couple bites, apples are good anyway. A nice juicy green apple is perfect for cotton chops!

  16. Never made an apple pipe, or any kind of fruit pipe.
  17. that way is to easy i usually just make a bowl in the apple not stick a j in it
  18. ^
    Same here, and if i don't have a good bowl around i just use aluminum foil with some holes in it, and i almost always eat the apple afterwards.

    I love apple pipes b/c when I have nothing else to smoke from they can save my ass. It's great also because it gets me high then helps out with my munchies. :)
  19. hahaa I love the wad of money in the back. I had myself an apple last night, took a munch outta it, threw the rest out. Apples work well in times of low money....
  20. Apples are great in situations where you could get caught. If you only bring 1 bowl, an apple, and a lighter, you can eat the apple if someone comes up, and then they can't do shit. :)

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