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Eating a high fat meal an hour after ingesting edibles.

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by mojeaux86, Jan 16, 2014.

  1. If I eat a high fat meal an hour or so after eating say a brownie It always kick in harder. Ive done it with a meal and with out and when I dont eat a meal than it just seems to lack something. Any input? Does this happen for everyone?
  2. Food helps transport the THC from your gut to your blood stream. It's not like alcohol where food slows the absorbtion.
  3. So is a fatty meal suggested for this?
  4. I would recommend a normal meal but a little on the light side. Don't gorge on chicken fried steak and gravy unless that's what you usually eat.
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    You should eat a small meal or large snack (as you intuited, something greasy is ideal) at least two hours and no more than six hours before you ingest the edible.
    The reason for this is to avoid the problem you have had with diminished effects. In fact, you can miss out entirely if you ingest on an empty stomach.
    None of this is to say that eating something an hour after ingesting the edible is not having a beneficial effect, because it's likely that it does.
    Here's a short explanation as to why:
    Your liver is the organ that will be processing the THC etc. If it's been sitting idly by for several hours after it has processed your last meal it is going to be "hungry" - and there is every chance that it will smash the living hell out of your goodies the minute they show up in its haste to pig out on the first food it has seen of late. 
    By eating a meal 2-6 hours before taking the edible you have fed your liver. Now, when the THC etc shows up, the liver can process the goodies instead of devouring them for fuel.
    The lymph glands will process any THC and by-products that make it past the liver alive, but in a healthy person it's the liver that does the job. Feed it beforehand, or it will chew up your edibles and spit them out without blinking and there will be nothing left for the lymph glands to do.
    So, basically, if you take an edible on an empty stomach you risk it going straight through you without noticeable effects. Still, if you were to take food at the same time or not long after taking the edible you will be sating some of your liver's hunger with food other than your goodies, so it is better than not having eaten at all.
    Check out BadKatsCannaPharm thread for more detailed information on how the liver and lymph gland process edibles. Actually, everything, and I mean everything, you could ever want to know about edibles is there. 

    Hope this helps  :)
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    What you just said, excellent advice.
    I would add that said meal should be eaten no fewer than two and no more than six hours before ingesting the edible   B)
  7. Hey I'm new here and didn't read through all the replies but I figured I'd throw my 2 cent in. Eating fatty foods after eating edibles helps break down the fat in which your precious THC is stored. The reason behind this is because most fatty foods have an emulsifier that helps break down fat quicker, Example: Soy Lecithin. The quicker the fat breaks down, the quicker your edibles kick in. I use a small little pinch of Soy Lecithin in all my recipes that I make and the results have changed the time to hit to 25-45 minutes as opposed to the 1-2 hours. Hope this helps!
  8. Way to bring back an almost three year old thread.
    *slow clap*

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