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eating a gram of hash

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by modern-hippy, Apr 24, 2006.

  1. Several of my stoner friends told me that they have eaten a gram of hash and it was the best high they had that lasted the longest. They said they were so baked for so long that it beat smoking it, so I was wondering if anyone else has ever just staright up swallowed a gram of hash before? and if so please do share. Think I'm definitaly gonna have to try this next time i get some hashish:D
  2. Probs not the best idea. You need to eat it with something fatty like butter or milk. THC isn't water soluble so it won't do anything. But it is fat and alchol soluble.
  3. Just smoke
    it :D
  4. you have to activate the THC with heat, there aint no heat in your stomach
  5. bad idea.. just smoke it and enjoy :)
  6. a gram of hash? isnt that like 80 bucks? and if they did, that did nothing for them, they are most likely lieing.
  7. that reply ^ and this whole topic just proves how clueless yanks are about hash.
  8. hahah so true, i get hash for cheaper then weed sometimes. GO TORONTO!
  9. FUCK you guys are getting seriously ripped, its price here is the same as weed I.E. 1 gram for $10
  10. edited too slow, read agian. hash isnt 65, i was thinking( well i wasnt) of something else. mid hash in FL USA goes for about 10usd and the really good stuff 25-30 tops.
  11. ^^^^are you even from the US? around here if soapbar comes through its 10 a gram, anything better is 20. high prices but it IS the US. and yea eating hash does to get you high so everyone who says it won't work hasn't tried it:rolleyes:. do it on an empty stomach, or cook it up for quicker results.
  12. You should find some new friends because your current ones are lying to you.

    Whats up with the people from Toronto thinking they know more about hash than anyone else because they get it cheaper?
  13. whats up with stuck up canooks anywhere?
  14. I can get hash for weed prices in my town. I put 8 grams of hash and 5 grams of weed to make a killer batch of brownies. Best way to use hash.
  15. I wish I could get spme hash out here, guess I have to make my own.
  16. Lol at those outrageous hash prices. My buddy had some to sell and he could charge forty bucks a gram because no one around knew. Good times
  17. [quote name='hoast']You should find some new friends because your current ones are lying to you.

    so you've tried it and it didn't work?
  18. No.. Because there's no point in trying it.. i cant belive people here are even debating on if this is true..
  19. we'll im not gonna "disrespect" anyone, but if you haven't tried it then you've got no room to talk. I guess his friends just had a super placebo high or somethin right?

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