Eating 15 weed brownies

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Dissec, Nov 25, 2011.

  1. Yea, so my sophomore year of highschool was when I first made brownies, here is the story:

    Me and my friend decided to go get an ounce, and make brownies from the bud. We made cannabutter and finished them, they tasted pretty good, although the batter tasted horrible!

    We went back to my place, gave my mom and sister one (they wanted to try them). We each had one and then I kept them, for we would be distributing them at school the next day.

    We sold them $10 a piece, and had 26 that day in total (we both ate one the night before). Sold 11 of them so we made our money back (oz for $110).

    I had the rest of them, and it was up to me what I did (how we split the money we put in and everything left these to me) so I decided that 1 wasn't good, so tried 2. Few minutes passed and I just kept eating, I was really hungry and didn't think they were kicking in.

    Then they kicked in.

    After that it sucked, light hurt my eyes, sounds were too loud, I was dizzy, I was just like wtf I am HIGH. I was on the schoolbus too so it was even less enjoyable, I didn't wanna sleep because this was a crucial time for me to be trying to get it in with 2 girls that rode my bus (only one was successful though:( )

    As soon as I got home I slept til the next day and was awake as fuck for class!
  2. Damn that sucks what a waste
  3. patience is key. i guess now you know that.
  4. yeah man wait an hour then shit gets good ,one time when i was waiting for mine to kick in i fell alseep and woke up the next morning sober it was so horrible , I had a night of gaming and munching planned
  5. Ha yea I know now, we've made quite a few batches since then and I haven't tried to eat more than 2 since then
  6. Same thing happened to me with e's when i had just turned 15. But that's another story.
  7. [quote name='"wak"']Same thing happened to me with e's when i had just turned 15. But that's another story.[/quote]

    If you took 15 of those unmentionables you would be dead
  8. I made butter one time from a quarter pound of sugar trim and ate it all with 2'people . I was obliterated
  9. I can't wait to make some (or maybe the oil, I've found my oil is more potent when I make it) from the sugar leaves and trim from my current grow. Or maybe just a ton of hash...
  10. Damn dude, damn man, damn...

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