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Eat mj with a blood test in the morning

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Savier, Feb 11, 2009.

  1. So I really wanna eat some weed and I just remembered I have a blood test in the morning, but not a drug test.. You think it's safe to eat some weed tonight or wait till the next day?..

    And this brought me up to another question.. If I have a blood test and right after that I smoke or injest weed, willit get me higher then normal?
  2. Nah man, blood test doesn't equal drug test, they actually have to be looking for it to find it. If it's just a normal blood test, then eat up :D
  3. yeah, what he said ^^ I tripped about that as well when i had blood tests and nothin at all, they dont just randomly test that shit unless parents requested or something---and I doubt it'll get you higher than normal doing that after a blood test, I dont see a real reason why it would
  4. Just a curiosity lol
  5. Actually, assuming you're 18, you have to request it, or consent to it, for them to be able to test for drugs.
  6. well with a blood test they take blood for testing, but i think he's getting on at the fact that youll have less blood in your system, thus having more thc per area in the veins?
    something along the lines of that i assume.

  7. They won't be testing for drugs, and they won't take enough to make you lightheaded or otherwise make you get 'higher than normal'.

    EDIT: By 'eating weed' I hope you mean eating cooked and processed cannabis such as in cannabutter or baked goods. Just eating plain weed uncooked won't do much for you.
  8. yeah I had a firecracker

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