EasyRyder & White Dwarf

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    For all the dwarf lovers :p these are my EasyRyder (ak47 x lowryder #2 ) and my white dwarf (white widow x lowryder )

    -Im using a 150 watt hps through the whole grow
    -Miracle grow organic soil in maybe 1 gallon pots ?
    -after about 25 days i started them on miracle grow bloom (noob move but w/e):D.Before the 25 i used some herb growth nutrient from Home Depot , forgot what its name was .
    -Got the cabinet from Wal-mart .
    -seeds from the attitude

    Sprout date January 10th . Hopefully ill chop it around June 10th. Far past the quoted 2 months ,but thats probley the low watt light im using's fault.

    Sorry pics suck , they are from my cell




    This is the most recent pic . May 20th

    This is my first grow . Tell me what you guys think .

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