EASYRYDER tiny stem problem

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    I have seeded Easyryders. Usualy when I look at other Lowryders, easyryders stems are strong, thick and short. Mine is opposite, leaves loook ok , but the stem is loong and tiny so it bends almost to the ground. They are only 10 days old. It doesnt look sick, but hey here is the pic. HELP, I WANNA KEEP EM ALIVE.


    What is the general rule of tiny stems? or how to make it stronger?
  2. i do have fan blowing slightly, not directly.. so i followed those rules too... So why tiny stem and bending? Leaf looks healthy.
  3. That pic is of a lowdryder/easyrider @ 10 days old? I'm no expert but there is deffo something wrong there, as it should be starting to look like something of a bush by now. What kind of lights are you using and how far away are they from the seedling?
  4. i use 600W HPS all the way, since i seen guys doing Easyriders just with one lamp. But like you said they have bushes after a week :(

    My light is 60cm from the plants.
    i wonder what i do wrong. It has fan bloweing on the side, enough of oxygen since it is a whole room, not a closet. So i wonder....
  5. i have a fan blowing directly on my plants. the stem on my aurora indica is short and strong as all hell. itsabout 2 weeks old. i just put a PPP plant in there. it was window sill grown until i bought it from my friend. the stem on that one is weaker than my A.I plant so how is it bad to have the fan blowing directly on your plants?? i didn't know anything about this
  6. anywhere I read on the web is that you shouldnt point the fan directly on plants, but to the side a bit so it gently moves the stems. Maybe at later stage when stronger, dunno yet, this is my first grow but thats the info that i found on several sites.

    I Will post my pics regularly so even if I embarras my self I will post it on here so others know my mistakes. I dont see many people grow Easyryders (ak47xLowryder2#) so it is gonna be helpfull for begginers and for me too.

    If successfull, then, yeehaa ;) :hello:
  7. its stretching. tie it down, bend it over, bury half the stalk. then get it a little closer. and also a MH bulb will do better for it, then the HPS.low riders are auto flowers right? then eaither way, Id say get a MH light on it to veg it before it auto flowers. then use the hps after it starts flower.

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