Easyryder help pls

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Askur, Sep 13, 2009.

  1. Hi everybody

    I got 10 easyryder seeds and i´m getting all those mixed info about the lights i should use,i have a closet grow room setup and i´m wondering about the lights, i have got a Medium red LED grow bulb 10w and a whole bunch of cfl 2700k warm white bulbs but i´m wondering what´s the best lighting setup for my easyryders.?..anyone?
  2. if your growin in a closet u should use cfl lights in my opinion
    i grow in a closet and i use cfl's and had great success
    dont get anything under 26 watts though
  3. Yeah i thought so, just wondering about the kelvins? should i use 2700-3000k or mix of 6500k-2700?
  4. hey dude for veg you want 6500k(or close to) and for flowering you want 2700k or something close, but you can use a mix of both for example if your in veg you could use say use 80% 6500k & 20% 2700k, & vice verser for flowering, if you get what im saying

    hope thats some help
  5. yeah cool i go for that then....man i love this strain and look forward to see it happen..i will show some pics of my darlings as they go...easy grow easy smoke;)

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