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EasyLeaf Grinder Question?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by SmokeTokeChoke, Mar 28, 2006.

  1. Sup GC. i just got my Easyleaf electric grinder in the mail. and sadly i dont' know how to use it. so can anyone throw me a bone on this one thx.

  2. Should have gotten a kief grinder.
  3. Nice response =/ All that can accomplish is making him feel bad about his purchase, lol. Sorry man, can't help you I myself don't even have a grinder at the moment. I can't find it. On a brighter note, though... I lost my old scale and I replaced it a couple days ago lol.
  4. haha that thing looks complicated...
  5. You take ur weed, put it in a ziploc bag, then beat the shit out of it with that thing until you reach the desired consistency! :hello:
  6. Did the grinder not come with any sort of instructions or anything?
  7. Looks sick man. Why cant you just put the weed in and turn it on?
  8. Negitive. i orderd a glass bong from GC and it was supposed to be COMPLETLYE clear class but it ended up having writing and shit on it so i asked about it and asked if they could send me a grinder (a plastic one witha screen and deposity) and they ended up sending me this EasyLeaf.

    go to and look at the pic on the home page the blue one... best result come from pulling the metal thing out and upting the weed inside and replaceing the metal thing and turn upside downa nd turn on. it looks like im slowly collecting glands on the side of the lid also grinds the weed up pretty nicely i perfer removeing steams and seeds (if any) before throwing in the grinder. i wrote easy leaf asking for insturctions so hopfuly they respond.

    i think mine kicks more ass cuz it an't blue and it an't plastic its all metal or aluminum or whatever it is. but it says the metal won't flake so im safe on that.

  9. it really cant be that hard to figure out...

    what u gotta do is get 2 grams.. smoke half a gram by yourslef.. use the rest be stoned and play with it till it grinds it up..

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